Golf is a sport widely enjoyed around the world, and yet it still has some negative associations that cause people to overlook it as a possible activity to pick up.

Here are common myths about playing golf and why you shouldn’t let them deter you from enjoying it.

You Have to Play Long Games

Traditionally, golf is played with 18 holes in total per game. This means that golfers need to allot several hours to get through one game, a point that many people believe makes the sport impractical to play at all.

However, you don’t have to play every game for this amount of time. You could, for instance, play only nine holes instead. Most courses won’t bar you from doing shorter, casual matches with your friends.

You Don’t Exercise in Golf

Golf may not include intense sprinting and physical contact, but that does not mean that you don’t get any exercise while playing it. Swinging alone involves muscles all over your body—starting from your arms, through your core, and down to your legs.

To improve, many golfers even perform exercises to strengthen those relevant muscles. Moreover, the golf course provides a large expanse to walk on to improve your cardiovascular health. Just don’t take the golf cart if you’re trying to reap golf’s health benefits.

Golf is Prohibitively Expensive

It’s true that you need special equipment to play golf, including various clubs, balls, and proper clothing. You also usually need to pay fees for courses. But this doesn’t mean that it’s reserved only for the elite.

There are many affordable golf courses out there which won’t cost you a fortune to play on regularly. Furthermore, you can find smart ways to save money when you’re playing golf. You can find perfectly good used clubs and recycled balls for sale online, for example.


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