In the offseason, the National Football League teams would typically begin organizing minicamps and team activities. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, events planned for the offseason have been canceled. 

Nevertheless, in today’s current situation, the regular season was still marked on September 10 as scheduled.

The most anticipated American football league is finally back. There is another annual event for as long as it is the case. As such, the NFL is focusing on way more important events ahead, such as the playoffs, starting the regular season on time, and finally, the Super Bowl.

Undoubtedly, the 2020 NFL season will always be revealing changes, and so we offer you the essential information on updates of this season.

2020 National Football League’s Information and Schedules

The National Football League’s fans from across the United States wonder whether or not they can attend games once the 2020 NFL season kicks off. The answer depends on the state where the game will take place. 

As such, some states might allow 50 percent of fans to attend every game and other locations may have already decided that crowds aren't allowed. Hence, guidelines regarding the game and the COVID-19 pandemic vary from state to state.

Furthermore, the 2020 NFL season hopes to keep the 17-week schedule for all 256 games despite the schedule-related issues that will possibly arise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To give you some heads up regarding the upcoming games, check out this Week 7 2020 NFL schedule with dates and television information. 
Week 7 Thursday, October 22
New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles at 8:20 PM ET via FOX, NFLN channel

Week 7 Sunday, October 25
Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons at 1 PM ET via FOX channel
Pittsburg Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens at 1 PM ET via CBS channel
Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals at 1 PM ET via CBS channel
Green Bay Packers vs Houston Texans at 1 PM ET via FOX channel
Los Angeles Chargers vs Miami Dolphins at 1 PM ET via CBS channel
Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints at 1 PM ET via CBS channel
Buffalo Bills at New York Jets vs 1 PM ET via CBS channel
Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Football Team at 1 PM ET via FOX channel
Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals at 4:05 PM ET via FOX channel
Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos at 4:25 PM ET via CBS channel
San Francisco 49ers vs New England Patriots at 4:25 PM ET via CBS channel
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Las Vegas Raiders at 8:20 PM ET via NBC channel

Week 7 Monday, October 26
Chicago Bears vs Los Angeles Rams at 8:15 PM ET via ESPN channel

NFL Leading Teams

As the 2020 NFL season heads to the seventh week, here are the top five teams who shine the brightest among all 32 NFL teams. Let’s take a look at their current standing after six weeks. 

5. Tennessee Titans (5-0)
The victorious season continues for the Tennessee Titans with an incredible 42-36 overtime win on Sunday over the Texans, thus remaining undefeated in the AFC South. In most part, Derrick Henry takes credit for carrying the team to get their win in overtime. 

4. Baltimore Ravens. 
For the first time since the 2000 and 2012 Super Bowl seasons, the Baltimore Ravens vigorously ranked up to 5-1. They have gained their fifth win in Week 6 against the Eagles. All of this while committing several penalties. Moreover, they should improve their worst issues to go on to the 2020 season Super Bowl.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-0) 
Steelers’ fans must be in a great mood. Steelers welcomed the Cleveland Browns with a record of 4-1 when they came to Heinz Field, where the 5,200 Steelers fans buzzed for the 38-7 win over the Browns.

2. Seattle Seahawks (5-0)
Out of all the 32 NFL teams, Seahawks is one of the three remaining 2020 season undefeated teams after Week 6 (being the Steelers, Titans, and Seahawks). 

1. Kansas City Chiefs (5-1)
The Kansas City Chiefs set foot into Buffalo and streaked the ball across the Bills. Although it appeared like a close game, yet they were not flustered and were mostly in control.

NFL Future Odds

We are now on Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season. As of writing, Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens have maintained to be the top favorites to win the Super Bowl 55. 

To help you decide on who among the leading teams is the best bet, here are the top ten futures to win Super Bowl 55 (2/7/21):

Team Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +400
Baltimore Ravens +600
Seattle Seahawks +750
Green Bay Packers +1100
Pittsburg Steelers +1100
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200
New Orleans Saint +1300
Tennessee Titans +1500
Buffalo Bills +2200
L.A. Rams +2200


The NFL has undeniably become an unrivaled cultural phenomenon in the United States. In fact, the National Football League is the home to a lot of the best athletes from all over the world. 

There are also some great athletes from other great sports, but nothing can match the quality that football brings to every American home.


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