Golf is probably one of the hardest sports to master. It has so many components to it that can affect the outcome. Some impacts are smaller than others, but they still make a difference. 

From the equipment to the way you play, it will all affect you but nothing more than the actual structure of your swing and how you attempt to play the game. 

Back in the day, there was always a way that you should set up and swing that seemed the standard across the board but as time went on and more and more major champions were made, swings have developed and it is more of however it fits you and your body best. 

This makes more sense because everyone is different in how their body can do things and how they think as well. 

You only have to look at Bubba Watson for that as he has a very unorthodox way of playing the game  (some even say he needs to learn how to properly hold a golf club) but that hasn't stopped him racking up major victories and pocketing millions in cash. 

If you are struggling with golf which a number of people will be, then the best place to look is lessons as the coach is going to be able to see what needs improving most but this isn’t always accessible or affordable.

If you are looking to improve the way you play the game without a complete overhaul and getting lessons then hopefully, these few tips and tricks will help you tweak your game in a few places you may be struggling and help you get the improvement you are looking for in your golf game.

Check Your Clubface Alignment

A common mistake that is made in amateur golf is the improper alignment they take when setting up for a shot. When it comes to aligning with a target you are looking to hit, a number of people will think to aim their body where they are looking to hit it but this is not the case. 

You need to align by first looking down the line of the ball at the target you are hitting to. This gives you a better perspective of the hole and allows you to align properly. 

Then before you set up your stance align the clubhead behind the ball and have it aligned straight at the target you want to hit. This will mean that you are striking at your target and allow you to increase accuracy.

Make Sure You Are Picking the Right Club

A lot of players can fall foul to this one where they have played the course or that hole time and time again and then find themselves in the same spot and just play the same club they would have played before, but you need to pick the right club for that day. 

The difference between what a good and poor golfer does here is key. If you're a good golfer, you will think about what is the wind doing, what are the weather conditions doing, is it hot or cold, wet or dry. All of those things have a bearing on what the ball does once it leaves the clubface. 

You may have hit an 8-iron from there last week but if the weather is different and you hit the same club, don’t be surprised if it has a different outcome. 

This goes for off the tee also. You may think the driver was a good idea the day before, but if the wind is behind and the fairway runs out to the water or heavy rough, then you may want to club down to the 3-wood and make sure you stay in play. 

Club selection has a massive bearing on being a good player and a great player and will also help to shave shots off your score.

In order to pick the right club, you need to have the right club. Choosing gear and equipment for golf can be tricky, we know, but that’s why sites like Pitchmarks are a fantastic option. You will find all of the information that you need, reviews on specific clubs, and general advice on choosing the best. Get what you need and your golf game should improve dramatically. 

Maintain a Constant Stance

Some golfers may think that they should change their stance when playing different clubs, but this is not the case—well, not for all of them. 

The only time you will want to change your stance to normal is with the driver and when hitting, pitch, chips, and putts. Other than that, the stance you have does not need to change. 

What you will be doing, however, for some clubs is changing where the ball is in the stance. For the low lofted clubs, it would be a bit further forward, and for higher lofts further back. The stance itself does not need to change. 

The backbone of a good swing is a consistent stance, with the only changes being spine angle and sometimes the width of stance. But the overall way you address the ball should remain the same.

Make Sure You Have a Solid Grip

The better players always tend to have a solid grip. Set up a solid grip and try it out and see if it is good for you. 

Grip the club with your gloved hand and have the grip so you can see at least the first and second knuckle. Then add in your other hand and have it wrap around the grip just below your gloved hand. 

You should see that both hands form a V on the grip between the thumb and index finger. These V’s should be pointed towards your right side of the chest or right shoulder. This should then give you a solid grip.

Allow For More Break When Putting

Being a good putter is one of the best ways to shave some shots off your score. If you can become a regular one- or two-putter, then you will be saving more strokes when playing. 

To get closer when putting or have a chance at holing more putts, allow for a little extra break when putting. What this does is if you tend to hit the ball too soft, it will stop it from slipping under the hole and give you more chance of it trickling in the edge. 

Speed is key when putting. If that is off, then you will have no chance of holing it, so work on speed and then work in missing high on the hole instead of low. This means if the speed or direction is off slightly, it gives you more chances of sneaking one in or it staying close.

Get Fitted For Your Equipment

Now a lot of people know about being fitted for clubs and it can have an impact on how consistent you hit your clubs, but have you tried getting fitted for your ball maybe? 

The golf ball is the only thing that does not change when you play a round, unless you lose them obviously, so making sure you have the ball that fits you best will help you a lot more. 

Maybe you hit the ball with lots of spin and you want a ball that doesn’t spin as much or vice-versa. There are all different kinds of balls from different makes which will do different things (go further, spin more, or spin less). 

With this in mind, getting fit can help you in certain areas. You could hold more greens with a more spinny ball and maybe get further off the tee with a distance ball. 

It is worth looking into being fitted and see what fits you best for your golf game. If you want golf ball comparisons, then you can find a new site for golf ball advice online and improve your game with the advice you can find on balls or see a fitter in your area.

If you are looking to improve your golf game and you are unsure what little changes you can make or tweak to try and help you improve then hopefully, these few tips and tricks will help you understand your game better and make any changes you think will help.


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