When it comes to buying sports gear, you may be taken back by the price of something as common as a baseball glove or tennis racket. 

Sticker shock is definitely a common reaction among new little league moms, the college rookie, or the baseball hobbyist, but the price should be an indication that what you are buying is top quality. 

Having nice baseball equipment makes a difference in the way you play, offers some protection against injury, and helps with the longevity of the sport.

Here are five things to think about when buying baseball equipment. 

Think of Buying New vs Used

In the effort to save a little money, you may be tempted to hit up garage sales or thrift stores for a used baseball bat or pair of cleated tennis shoes. 

If you are just planning to spend a few afternoons in the backyard with some friends or help your kids work on their swing, you could get by with used equipment for the first few weeks. 

However, if you are turning your love of baseball into something more serious, you definitely need to consider buying new equipment. Sports equipment is one of the few things in life where spending the extra money on quality products is worth it.

Think of Safety

You should never put a price tag on the safety of yourself, your children, or your teammates. Shoulder pads, gloves, helmets, and any other piece of protective equipment needed for baseball should be of the highest quality and come with safety guarantees. 

You should do your due diligence in comparing between brands and prices to make sure you are paying for quality and not just a name brand.

There are some name brands that offer a better warranty and have better quality materials, at which point this brand would be the better investment. 

You may also need to choose a brand that allows you to customize the shape or size of the product to the person who will be using the equipment. This can prevent strain or injury from misuse.

Think of Comfort

Buying a quality product usually brings a higher level of comfort and durability. Things like baseball gloves and cleated shoes will wear out quickly, and failing to maintain comfort during the game will make it harder to play and increase the risk of injury

With baseball gloves, quality matters because they must deliver on a consistent ability to grip and move. Swinging a bat becomes more dangerous if your power swing has no grip and the bat turns into a projectile.

Think of Performance

Your experience level doesn’t matter when considering the need to buy quality equipment, as the right bat or set of gloves will make the difference in your ability to improve and develop your skills. 

However, simply buying the top brand or model isn’t the way to start your equipment collection. You must select equipment that carefully fits your size and abilities, and once your skills have been developed, change out the equipment as needed. 

In baseball, the bat has a lot to do with results, but only if you know how to choose the right one. Speed and accuracy depend on a bat that you or the player can control. 

A bat that is too light won’t be able to supply enough power to the ball no matter how hard you swing. It can be a good training piece to develop your swing speed. 

A bat that is too heavy can have the opposite effect of creating a swing that is out of balance and doesn’t make total contact with the ball. 

Choosing the right equipment is finding the balance with weight and length but also has a great design and meets whatever league regulations are in place.

Think of Your Needs

Buying quality baseball equipment may mean you are spending a little more than you would like, but you are investing in your safety and performance. 

You can move from novice to expert by making sure you have purchased equipment that fits correctly, is durable, and is designed specifically for your sport.


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