The casino industry has emerged big from earlier times and this pandemic has raised it to even new heights. The casino industry has become a multi-million dollar industry. 

There is something about the vibe and aura of a casino, it makes people attracted to them. Norway is home to the world's great casinos, and you can anytime make a plan to visit them.

But if you are stuck at home in the time of a pandemic and want to try a hand in casino games, then visiting an online casino site will be the best option for you. You can check out various online casinos and play online casinospill there.

Not all sports fans enjoy betting or the feel of a casino app. However, there are some interesting alternatives. For example, apps such as Pool Payday allow diehard pool fans to play the game competitively against others for cash prizes or other rewards. But the best winnings are often made in online casinos.

If you are also tempted to visit an online casino in 2021, then you can check out our guide to make sure you have a great experience as a beginner. There are many things that you need to take care of to have a memorable time at the casino. 

Here are our four best pieces of advice for online casino players.

Visit Licensed Casinos

While visiting an online casino,  always make sure that they have a valid casino license. As you have to set up your payment method, that requires you to enter credit card details. In case you don't want it to be stolen, never visit any online casino without a license.

There are always big risks involved, whether you are visiting any offline casino or online casino. And for risk, it is always said that take calculated risks—don't go blindly and end up losing.

Casinos in Norway need to get their license from the Norwegian government, and there are two major branches of licensed casinos in Norway called Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. 

When it comes to other countries, they have their own licensing authorities. If you would like to learn more about the casino industry, check out what author Benjamin Reppersen has to say.

Budget Properly at an Online Casino

One thing that you need to care about while visiting a casino is to plan properly and have a pre-decided budget—and try to not go beyond the budget that you decided. Always make sure that you don't go off limits and end up losing more money than you earned.

Plan beforehand how much you will spend (like you can keep $50 for the entire session) and if you have spent all of it then don't spend more.

Moreover, it may seem a good idea to chase your losses when your deposit has disappeared. Avoid doing that, as research shows those blunder losses are made by doing this mistake only.

Also, you should also set a mark for your winnings, such as if you doubled down your winnings. In casinos, the golden rules remain constant, as you should know when to walk away.

Availability of Freebies

Whether you go to an offline casino or online casino, there are always freebies that are offered to you as a beginner. 

You can get free lessons in blackjack or in the game of poker if you are familiar with the game. They will really help you in the learning rules and regulation of the game, and will also make you learn about the different strategies that you can use in your game to get a winning hand.

While visiting an online casino, there are always many bonuses that casino operators offer you as being a new customer to their site. You can get free games, free spins, and even free cash bonuses with which you can play the games. 

Looking online for the top offers from casinos is a great way to start. 

Sites like these list all the top sites, with this one also noting the best sites to play where you can use a payment platform to make deposits with low transaction fees to ensure you keep as much as of your money as possible. 

Not to mention you'll be getting great bonuses too.

So, it is always good to take advantage of these offers as they will help you get many more wins and with that, you can increase your skills too.

Pay Attention to the Odds Available at Casino Sites

Since the odds of winning a game varies from one game to another, therefore it is best practice to check out the winningest odds of various casino games before you play them. For example, blackjack has 50-percent winning odds. 

Also, stay away from games that have the highest odds in the house’s favor, as it will reduce your chances to win the games 

The best games for beginners to get a winning hand are blackjack baccarat and slots games—they have the highest percentage of RTP, up to 95-percent!


If you go through the above things, then you will have a great time in your online casino. While playing, you should always blend luck with the skills to get a winning hand and a memorable one.


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