From music festivals to technical expositions – several events are held worldwide and attended by millions of adherents. 

Most recently, Lollapalooza just concluded in Chicago, with some 400,000 people attending different concerts. We also have KCON, where Asian artists arrive to spread the jingles of the Korean Wave. 

Similarly, thousands of football fanatics attended the Super Bowl to enjoy the great American pastime annually. 

The internet has made getting tickets for your favorite festivals easier. You don’t have to keep pressing redial on the telephone or wait in the queue for hours only to find that the show has been sold out! 

However, fans still struggle with internet scams and counterfeit tickets while navigating different websites. 

Methods to Ensure That Your Ticket Is Authentic

How many people do you think get scammed online? In 2018, CNBC reported that around 12-percent of people purchasing tickets online get defrauded. 

Millennials constitute the most vulnerable demographic to such misfortune! Some 10-percent of millennials who have attended live events admit being victims of ticket fraud. 

So the obvious question remains: how to ensure that you’re buying an authentic ticket? Well, the apparent solution lies in being vigilant and cautious while making purchases digitally with strangers.

It’s recommended that you buy tickets from the official seller or directly from the venue. Find authentic websites that offer a 100-percent buyer guarantee and also have a refund policy in case of event cancellation. 

For instance, many sports buffs gather to watch superstars from WWE Raw interacting with attendants in person. So, you must find a reputable event ticket company that provides you a risk-free experience. 

That said, here are some suggestions that might help you get your hands on authentic event tickets online.

Buy Them Early

As the event gets nearer, ticket prices and chances of buyers getting scammed increase as well. So, it’s safer to purchase a ticket to your favorite festival ahead of time. 

Buying tickets early means now there are fewer chances of them being counterfeit or overpriced. Fraudsters are more active when there’s a small number of tickets left. 

Still, thousands of enthusiasts crowding to buy them even at an inflated price. Thus, be quick and get your voucher weeks before the event.

Sign Up For Presales

Signing up for presales can potentially increase your chances of getting authentic tickets. Get access to these exclusive offers via an electronic newsletter or a particular ticket retailer. 

Artists also have websites dedicated to presales. You must check out applications such as BKSTG that have connected many musicians, such as Justin Bieber, to their fans. 

But it’s essential to sign up ASAP since probably hundreds of music lovers will utilize this opportunity, and you might lose to them!

Moreover, some platforms offering sport tickets have a sophisticated and secure booking system that ensures all your transactions are safe and free from fraudulent actions. Aside from the safety of these platforms, you’re more likely to get your spots even before the tickets are sold out.

Any popular sporting event draws an excessive number of spectators, especially if it’s a championship game, so signing up for the presale will provide you with the following advantages.

You Get to Make Travel Arrangements Early

If you’re going to need some traveling for a big sporting event, then purchasing presale tickets allows you to prepare for the trip in advance. You can start to buy plane tickets, book accommodations, and even plan your itinerary if you intend to stay in the area longer. 

You Can Get the Best Seats 

Presales always provide full access and the best offers to fans even before tickets become available to the general public. 

Know the Face Value

What’s a ticket’s face value? It refers to the ticket’s actual monetary worth. Many websites control how much money sellers can demand. 

However, some platforms don’t regulate the prices and allow sellers to mark them up from the actual costs. So, it’s essential to learn the ticket’s face value before you start investing in these products. 

Use online tools, such as price trackers to ascertain that you are only paying what’s fair. Thus, if you don’t think the price is reasonable, try some other platforms.

Get Social Media Updates

You can also follow your favorite venue/artist on social media to get regular updates about the next planned event. Joining the mailing list will keep you informed regarding the upcoming festivals and relevant information. 

Social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter enable you to interact with the community and learn how to purchase authentic tickets. This way, you can stay away from websites that sell fake tickets and find reliable sources to get original vouchers for events you want to attend.

Also, if you’re purchasing tickets from these social media platforms, keep in mind to stay vigilant. 

Scammers will pretend to be sports fans and offer their tickets to you on social media posts, comments, and replies; however, taking the necessary precautions will help you assess whether they’re selling authentic tickets or not. 

Try Fan-to-Fan Websites

Don’t worry if the tickets to your favorite event aren’t available officially. You can always access fan-to-fan websites where like-minded individuals buy/sell tickets. These sites ensure that tickets aren’t sold for more than their face value. 

On some platforms, people even help you get a refund if the entry pass isn’t as the seller has described them. Similarly, other platforms allow buyers/sellers to obtain each other’s information. They also help you arrange an exchange and monetary transactions.

Get Their Information

If you’re purchasing tickets from a stranger, ask the person to reveal her/his identity first. If that person wishes to remain anonymous, it probably means that they are planning to defraud you. 

But what sort of identification can you ask for? Ask about that seller’s social media presence and continue your conversation on Facebook or Instagram. 

Also, confirm that this account is genuine. For instance, an account created yesterday or with no posts/followers indicates that someone’s trying to scam you.

Visit Reselling Websites

How about buying secondhand tickets? Many websites trade tickets bought officially and resell them to the highest bidder. There are a number of websites selling tickets for all manner of events at a variety of venues, such as 713 Music Hall tickets on Ticket Squeeze, a reputable ticket reselling platform. This is beneficial as you can choose one website to buy tickets for sports events and live music shows without needing to swap sites each time you need tickets. When purchasing on resale platforms it's important to check the details so you can get a good deal.

Learn the ticket’s face value and how much buyer fee you must pay (it’s usually 10-percent of the original price). You should also check the seller’s identity and get their information if it’s a business. 

Try to identify any possible restrictions linked with these tickets, like being unusable by people under 18.

Use a Credit Card

It’s smarter to use a credit card to add another layer of protection to your transactions. If you discover that someone has scammed you, contact your credit card company to get your money back. 

Companies like SoFi that supply you with a credit card will be able to discuss this with you and help you to protect your spending and finances.
After purchasing tickets with your credit card, you should have them transferred to you digitally. We’ve already discussed what platforms ensure you only buy authentic tickets and not fake copies. So, coming from these sites, you know a ticket has been verified.

If you’re lucky enough, you might also encounter sports ticket offers in the form of vouchers and rewards from your credit card company, so don’t hesitate to score those deals and attend the event on a budget!

Set Reminders

Give yourself at least 10 minutes to prepare before the tickets go on sale, especially if it’s an in-demand show you wish to attend. 

Some websites even allow you to log in with your username and password before the sale begins. It saves you some precious minutes, and you can prepare yourself for the upcoming competition for those tickets. 

It’s also wiser to have different websites opened up on your browser in multiple tabs. It’ll increase your chances of buying those valuable tickets.

Avoid Sharing Online

Excessive consumption of social media isn’t recommended; it may lead to someone stealing your identity. 

From posting pictures of your children on Facebook to revealing your address or workplace online, you’re just exposing yourself to potential scammers. This also includes sharing a picture of that ticket you’ve bought. 

A scammer can easily replicate the barcode and recreate that ticket. If you can’t resist the urge to share it, remember to cover up the barcode and don’t reveal your personal information.


Purchasing event tickets online shouldn’t be a frustrating experience in 2021. But, thanks to all those scammers laboring online, people often end up buying counterfeit tickets to their favorite festivals. 

A study from 2017 shows that over 5 million fake tickets are sold annually. Some victims were even sold tickets to events that never existed. 

So, how to buy an authentic ticket? If you live in the UK, ensure that your ticket seller has joined STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers). 

Don’t buy tickets that aren’t on sale officially, or if you can’t contact the seller conveniently. Also, consider your payment unsafe if that website lacks that ‘HTTPS’ at the beginning of its URL or seems shady enough.


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