For softball players, picking a bat is a crucial decision. It’s almost as if this connection will be stronger than any relationship you’ll have in the future. 

For this reason, you must know how to find the perfect softball bat this season. 

Youth Bat

You want your player to step up to the plate with a bat they can swing confidently. If you need a bat for a youth player, you don’t have to be very picky; you’ll just want something they can easily swing. 

Ergo, selecting a bat with a drop of -14 to -8 is the play. The drop is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight. 

If you just want to wing it, you can also find a bat by putting the knob in the middle of the player’s chest and seeing if they can grab the barrel when the bat is lying horizontally. If they can, you’ve made the correct selection.

Teen & Adult Bat

As a teen or adult, you probably already know the length and weight that fits you, so you need to know what else the bat offers. 

If you want to generate some power, an end-loaded bat will allow you to attack the strike zone in a whip-like manner. 

It feels a little heavier than a standard bat, but that’s because the barrel is packing more of a punch. Otherwise, a balanced bat is your best bet if you’re looking for consistent contact. 

Two Types of Bats

Most softball bats are either alloy or composite. Youth players don’t need fancy composite bats when they’re just learning the game, which is why alloy is the decision for a youngster under eight. 

For serious players, a composite bat helps you become an elite hitter because the carbon fiber-infused tool evenly distributes power upon making contact with the ball. 

Fix Hitting Mechanics Before Switching Bats

Common sense tells us that the faster something is coming at us, the more quickly we need to react to it. This line of thinking makes a hitter feel that they need a lighter piece of lumber to catch up to a faster ball. 

However, the bat is the least of your worries—your focus should be on the swing process, particularly on the load of your swing. 

If you watch any good hitter, you’ll notice there are many moving parts to a swing. You’ll see a shift of balance from their hips and legs followed by a rotation of the hips to get in the best position to drive the ball. 

If you struggle to get around on a faster pitch, your bat is hardly at fault when your mechanics are out of whack. 


Before you make your selection, go over these tips on how to find the perfect softball bat this season. Each player has different needs, and a new player certainly doesn’t need a bat worth hundreds of dollars. 

However, an experienced player might opt for a bat that makes the opposition fear them when they step into the batter’s box. 


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