Here is everything you need to know about IPL betting in India. Get the overview information on the best promotions during IPL betting, app’s description, an overview of pros and cons of  IPL, as well as professional recommendations and tips on how to place a bet successfully.

Online IPL Betting With 1xbet

IPL in Indian Culture 

Indian people (most of them) live on a staple diet of cricket and Bollywood. You will very rarely find an Indian who does not have an interest in either of them. 

So what the Board for Cricket Control in India (BCCI) did was to bring the cricketing stars and the Bollywood stars together and make an event that caters to the masses as well as the classes. 

IPL Pros

Among the great variety of IPL advantages, it should be mentioned that the IPL season is aimed at attracting as many online players as possible, especially during the COVID-19 season. 

That attractiveness is done by providing a huge amount of generous promo codes and discounts on the entrance. Betting websites are fighting with each other which welcome sums will be higher. 

That is why many newcomers are welcome to place bets using various services to reach as many first-free deposits as possible and keep their savings. 

But if you are not a newcomer to the betting market and prefer to play in a more conservative way we highly advise you to take a look at the 1xbet betting site. 

1xbet IPL Betting

1xbet is a trustworthy and reliable bookmaker which has operated on the betting market for quite a long period. 

By gaining an experience on 1xbet, people become more and more loyal to the bookmaker and reach certain benefits, which allow them to be notified about the promo codes and discounts on a prior basis. 

This is also called a gold or platinum client account. By achieving it, you may save up to 40% of your investments in the IPL season, since 1xbet IPL offer provides quite generous offers for online players.

1xbet Depositing & Withdrawal

From India you can safely deposit and withdraw using third-party eWallets such as Neteller and Skrill, you can buy and sell Neteller & Skrill with the local exchangers. It's easy and safe. 

You should also verify some e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. By passing the KYC procedure you can easily deposit and withdraw your funds. You cannot use Indian cards in 1xbet directly. 

Even in case, the other betting platforms will allow you to, we don’t recommend this payment method because it is not safe. To make transactions, you can't rely on Indian cards, Indian banks because the RBI in its latest mandate has restricted gambling ware. 

5 Major Pros of IPL Season

Prime Time TV: Matches scheduled in the evening. The streams are available to everyone after working hours. Moreover, by watching matches with your family you are inevitably increasing your chances of winning by gaining the experience.  

Cricketainment: Compressed Offering to fans along with their families to enjoy a game of cricket with music/food/movie stars in 3 hours 

New Talent: IPL’s ability to consistently throw up new exciting talent to international cricket eg: Jadeja, Ashwin, etc. 

If you will stay tuned with the newcomers on the cricket market, you’ll be able to bet on ‘hidden gems’, while others would be eager to place their bets in more conservative ways. 

The more conservative the bet is the more obvious the outcome of the match which will not highly increase your revenue. The ‘I’ in the IPL: India’s craze with cricket. That’s why the most popular sport to bet on during the season is cricket. 

• Ability to attract world-class players from around the world.

City-Based Franchise Model: Tapped into people’s ability to connect. 


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