During competition season, you don't have time to lose ground. You need to remain in tip-top shape, ready to hit the field, court, or arena at any time. 

However, with the constant on-the-go schedule and fierce and frequent games, it could be easy to find yourself struggling more now than during the off-season. 

Your body uses additional energy with each face-off so that you can be running on steam by the end of the day. 

Is it possible to give yourself a boost, helping yourself stay healthy and energetic during this fun but trying time? What could you do to elevate your health and prevent mental exhaustion? 

By taking care of yourself and replenishing your body's needs, you could bolster it enough to fight off lethargy, brain fog, and sickness. Try the following five simple things.

Monitor Your Diet

When you're competing, your body is exerting itself at high levels. You're burning calories, fat, and glucose. Focus on monitoring your intake and your output. 

Do you need to add additional carbohydrates to your meals? Are you consuming enough protein? Both of these foods assist in energy bursts. If you use them up, they require replenishment. 

Consult a nutritionist to discuss a meal plan for what you should eat before a game and what your system needs afterward. In addition, don't skip on the water and electrolytes. If you don't keep these stable, you could feel down and out. 

Invest In Nutritional Supplements

You may find that you need additional vitamins to compensate for the workouts and alleviate muscle soreness. Look into products that offer something easy and convenient. 

Many people, for instance, are beginning to look up the questions "what is thrive?" to find out about supplement shakes and patches that fit into their schedules. 

Consult with your doctor and trainers about what nutrients would be best for you and how you can make it an integral part of your wellness plan.

Get Enough Sleep

A good night's rest does wonders for the body. It's a reset time, allowing the brain and physical organs to rejuvenate for another day. Your competition pushed it all. 

By getting at least six to eight hours of slumber, you are likely to bounce back better, reducing aches and pains. 

Your head could be more precise, giving you more focus, and your energy tends to elevate. If you struggle with slumber, create a schedule for yourself. 

Set a particular time each night to wind down. Turn off electronics an hour or two before you plan to sleep, and focus on quiet activities. 

Listen to soft music, take a bath or read a book. Try Epsom salts in the bathtub or lavender diffuser oil in the room to establish a soothing atmosphere. Finally, ensure the room is dark and cold.

Take a Down Day

There is such a thing as too much. If you're never stopping, then the body could hit a wall, unable to live up to your expectations. Give yourself a break once a day, slowing down and relaxing. Do things you like, but that doesn't take the system. 

This downtime assists in muscle recovery. In addition, when pushed too much, the body could react by lowering the immune system. When this condition occurs, you could get sick and have a more challenging time fighting off the germs. 

Remember To Stretch

Talk to a physical therapist or trainer about warm-up and stretch before each competition. You want to safeguard your muscles. 

These exercises ease you into the workout, delivering blood flow and increasing body temperature. You could minimize tears and strains by remembering to make these habits.


Staying fit during the season doesn't have to be complicated. Often, it's as simple as maintaining proper hydration, sleep, and nutrition. 

It's vital, though, to remember that you must reflect on what your body needs to feel good. Warm-up, take breaks, and eat well.


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