Playing fantasy football is fun. Yet, success could be a little too elusive in some instances. Success will remain a mirage unless you understand how to improve your squad and define a suitable playing system. 

Besides listening to a free fantasy football podcast, you'll need a few tips to employ in your game. These tips will include the following.

Running Backs Are Essential

Most experts will recommend that you load up on running backs, thanks to how scarce this position can be. First, the running back will receive handoffs from the quarterback, particularly for rushing plays. 

This professional will also line up as a receiver to catch passes from the backfield. You could also rely on them for enhanced blocking.

Take the time to compare the various options you have in the league. This move allows you to choose some of the best RB players to include. 

Further, RBs are significantly easy to project. Excellent ones will come from time to time. Their workload is consistent, meaning you must prioritize their upside instead of attention when choosing them.

You Might Not Need a Kicker Early On

There is a chance that you might want to rush into getting a kicker or defense quite early. While this might seem plausible, it would be best to wait a little longer. 

Waiting for some time will help you think through your choices, getting a player likely to offer the results you envision. The idea is to get a player likely to provide you with more fantasy points in the long run.

Various aspects go into selecting the right kicker for your fantasy team. Yet, most would recommend choosing a defense based on raw fantasy points. 

For this reason, it would help to study a few players for some time before choosing them. Initially, it would be best to draft high-upside players instead of kickers. 

This is what will help you buy time in the long run.

Which Scoring System Do You Have?

You'll need to identify the best scoring system or strategy for your team. You'll need to choose from two central scoring systems: six points for a touchdown and three points for field goals. 

Understanding the scoring system beforehand will help cushion you against disappointments and inconsistencies later.

Sometimes, negative points might suffice. In other instances, a point per interception will be the standard. You'll also note that return yards might not count for points in this fantasy football league. 

A wide receiver with more receptions will come in handy in either system. If return yards assure you of extra points, you could consider a wide receiver with a few receptions.

Tight Ends Are Similar

According to statistics, waiting for some time before drafting a tight end would be an excellent move. Staying at a tight end will ensure that you get more points at the end of the league. 

Ensure that you choose a relatively young player with more upsides. This professional must also provide enhanced consistency, guaranteeing you better point averages in the end.

Getting the timing right should be a priority. Usually, waiting until mid or late through the season allows you to compare the consistencies provided. 

Once you choose this professional, ensure that you back them until the end. Remember, they could be pretty similar, meaning you need to have an extra eye when selecting them.

Auto Drafts Could Help

Suppose you are new to fantasy football and know no players. In this case, it would be best to consider an auto draft

Auto drafts will choose some of the best and most consistent players in the league, guaranteeing you better chances down the road.


A little guidance should suffice as you look forward to winning your fantasy league. The tips offered above offer a head start. However, you are free to personalize your selection.


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