For those of you wanting to get the most muscle growth in the least amount of time, it's best to focus on isolating the muscles that you want to build so that those muscles alone are forced to do the work in whatever exercises that you are doing. 

Several fitness experts have developed incredible programs that are sure to go a long way toward giving you the results that you are after.

Effective Arm Workouts

Using your body weight can be an easy, convenient, and incredibly effective way to build muscle quickly. 

Try chin-ups by utilizing a pull-up bar and pulling yourself up with your palms facing you instead of away from you. Chin-ups work your biceps as well as your latissimus dorsi, which is the muscle that spans your entire back.

Try diamond push-ups for a great tricep workout. To do this, position your hands side by side, creating a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs. 

Do a standard push-up with your hands in this position. This kind of push-up isolates your triceps much more effectively than in a standard position, encouraging quicker muscle growth.

If you have the equipment, using dumbbells for bicep and tricep isolating exercises can also go a long way in helping build muscle quickly. 

Trying an arm superset workout is an interesting variation of standard muscle-building movements that could give you the definition and growth that you are after.

Muscle-Building Back Workouts

Keeping your back muscles strong can not only help you look better thanks to the improvement your posture will receive, but it will help you to feel better. 

A strong back can help you maintain proper form, which can go a long way in preventing workout-related injuries.

Working with a kettlebell can help to provide you with the weight necessary to help both your lower back and your core to become stronger and able to take on more difficult moves. 

Trying kettlebell swings with a lighter kettlebell to start with can set you on the path towards a more muscular back.

Your lat muscles can be improved by lifting dumbbells in a single-armed row position. The sides of your back as well as your triceps will thank you. 

Deadlifts using a large barbell will help improve your upper back muscles while also giving your entire body a workout.

Worthwhile Leg Workouts

When leg day comes around, there are many options available to improve these very important muscle groups. 

Barbell squats will improve your thigh muscles while simultaneously giving your gluteus maximus the boost that many people are looking for. Weighted lunges will provide similar benefits to these muscle groups.

To build up your calves, try slow, deliberate calf raises while standing on a sturdy step. Choosing the stair climbing machine in the gym can also provide a very effective leg workout while also being a wonderful choice for cardiovascular fitness

Additionally, utilize the leg press machine to build up your quadricep muscles, but always ensure that you are using these with a full range of motion.


When you are looking for quick muscle growth, it is important to have a plan on how you are going to reach your fitness goals. Work out regularly while allowing your muscles the time needed to recover after a tough exercise circuit. 

Research the best nutrition options for muscle growth, as well. 

Remember that protein is essential for building muscle and that healthy carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will help you produce the energy that you need to continue working consistently towards your goals. 

Your lifestyle should reflect exactly what you envision for your fitness future.


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