You may be aware that you should exercise at least three times every week and that you need to elevate your heart rate for at least thirty minutes. 

You may also be aware that your schedule is busy and getting to the local gym is cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. As a result, your workouts may suffer, but they do not have to. 

Putting together a home gym can be simple if you follow these ten tips. 

Avoid Dangerous Clutter

Make sure your weights are properly secured and that electrical cords are taped or covered so you do not trip. Use bins to store jump ropes, medicine balls, or agility cones. 

If you have shelves to stash your yoga mat out of the way, keep a step ladder nearby to eliminate the need to stand on an unstable object to reach equipment. 

Install Shock Absorbent Flooring

Standing or jumping on a hard surface may lead to shin splints or other injuries. The legs and spine need a buffer to reduce the full force of any impact. 

An easy solution is to look for children's playroom pads that can be linked together to form the size that fits your space.

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Getting into the gym is half the battle, and the other half can be sticking to the routine. 

If you are motivated by pictures of other athletes, shop for some of the fantastic photos available to order online. If you prefer quotations that boost your energy, paint some of your favorite sayings on the walls or mirrors so you do not forget your goals.

Hang Mirrors to Check Form

Performing a skill incorrectly can sometimes do more harm than good. 

Even though you might not like looking at yourself when you are covered in sweat, you should have a full-length mirror in your gym to monitor your form and technique. 

It is hard to check that your knees are over your ankles if you cannot see a clear profile of yourself.

Create Air-Flow or Ventilation

Breathing stagnant or moist air can cause respiratory problems that could eventually become serious. 

Depending on the time of year and weather, you may need an air-conditioner to remove humidity or a heater so you do not strain a cold muscle. 

Have Easy Access to Hydration

Add a water cooler or small refrigerator to hold water or other electrolyte replenishing drinks. As your body produces sweat, you rob your organs of the fluid they need to function. 

Be careful not to overdo the sugary beverages because they can counteract the benefits of your hard work. Water is a reliable source of hydration.

Make Space to Cool Down

Set aside a corner where you can stretch at the end of each session. Skipping this step is unwise. 

After pushing your muscles and putting tension on joints and ligaments, you have to allow them to realign and flush toxins that build up. 

Purchase Equipment With More Than One Use

If you opt for a home gym to save money, you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on pieces you will only use once. 

Resistance bands are usually a smart investment as you can do strengthening drills as well as stretches with them. Some areas are subject to personal preference. 

Experiment with dumbells and cowbells in the store and decide which one you like best instead of purchasing them both.

Consider a Sound System

Using a stationary speaker connecting to your Bluetooth may reduce the hassle of earpieces that fall out or wires tangled around your arms. 

Moreover, an explosive beat pounding in your ears may fire you up on the hard days.

Invite Friends to Share

While working out alone can be fun, don't rule out the possibility of asking a buddy to join you. 

Even if you do not want company every time you exercise, you could make a schedule of the times you get together and the times you go solo.


Staying in shape at home does not have to break the bank. Look for sales, be safe, and make the space your own. 


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