The World Cup is globally recognized as the most significant event in the betting world and FIFA is one of them.  

FIFA is the world’s largest single-event tournament held once every 4 years. Teams from different countries compete to win the World Cup, which is often considered the pinnacle achievement of international soccer teams. 

FIFA betting is also building excitement for the 2022 World Cup as Qatar gets ready to host the most prestigious sports tournament in the world. Various teams have started booking places to participate in FIFA betting even before the competition begins. 

Let us now find out how the 2022 World Cup works and discuss a few tips for FIFA World Cup betting.

FIFA 2022 World Cup

FIFA 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, in and around the national capital of Doha. The US finished second in voting to host the FIFA World Cup tournament. 

Apart from Qatar, 210 FIFA member nations were on the list of hosts that did not make it to the final. 

A few of them were automatically pulled out for various reasons, including volcanoes (Tonga), COVID-19 (North Korea), and Russia (for invading Ukraine). 

Finally, 32 teams remained, including: 

Asia (AFC) — 6 Teams

North and Central America (Concacaf) — 4 Teams

Africa (CAF) — 5 Teams

Europe (UEFA) — 13 Teams

South America (CONMEBOL) — 4 Teams

Oceania (OFC) — 0 Team

The 2022 World Cup draw took place on 1st April 2022. Due to several delays, not all teams could be determined, and the placeholders were used for the ultimate three spots. 

In the end, the final list had 32 teams by the 14th of June, when Costa Rica defeated New Zealand, and Costa Rica finally became the ultimate team qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

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Tips for FIFA Betting

Make Reliable Predictions

Once the tournament starts, the stakes increase, and it becomes easier to predict the outright victors. This is possible when the side beating the odds of advancing suddenly reverts to a recognized international soccer powerhouse. 

Placing bets on the outright victors may seem more doable during this point of the competition, where the better teams have already proved their quality. 

Many sportsbooks also offer ‘each way’ bets that allow players to predict two outcomes simultaneously—whether the nation will reach the final or win the tournament.

Analyze Form of Two Teams

Players must know the forms of the two teams facing each other to place an effective bet. Analyzing the forms involves being aware of the recent outcomes that led them up to the 2022 World Cup. 

It is also important to check the line-ups being played. It is unlikely to find teams of full strength playing the field, especially in friendlies. 

Looking at the outcomes in the WC qualifiers, Copa America, Euros, AFCON, and Nations League will show how well the teams have been performing. 

Check their statistics, including the number of chances or shots the teams have created and their defensive records. 

Recently, a Spanish professional footballer, Javi Martinez bet on Argentina rather than Spain. The reason behind it is the current form of team Argentina and a star player Leo Messi.

Study Form of Key Players

The journey of each World Cup member nation is often based on the performance of its best players. Hence, it is important to study the form of the key players of nations before placing bets on the matches. 

If the major players do not play well, it can substantially affect The chances of success for the entire team. Every team is more likely to win the match if the Mickey players play well. 

Remember that in modern football or soccer, small teams do not exist, and the matches differ in quality created by the star players.

Check Team Line-Ups

Before making any prediction, it is always important to check the team's lineups. Injury, suspension, choice of coach, etc., may result in a major absence during the FIFA World Cup. 

Hence, players should not get trapped while placing sports bets online. About this, it is highly recommended to wait for the release of the official composition of the football teams before the players validate their predictions.

Look at Tactics of Both Teams

Different coaches use different tactics in a competition like the World Cup. 

Hence, it is essential to know how the teams play to determine their probability of dominating their opponents. For instance, against a country that plays defensively and comes out on the counter, a team may find it difficult to break if it is not used to playing the game. 

The same logic may apply to a country that seldom resists the pressure from its opponents. For instance, Qatar has fewer technical team players than the best European teams and may have difficulty standing against a nation that imposes hard enough. 

To determine the best soccer predictions, it is advisable to check out the tactical aspects of every team. This allows for refining predictions in a better way.

Research Head-To-Head Results

There will always be matches played in the World Cup between teams who have rarely or never faced one another, and there will be plenty of matches where two nations have come together against each other on various occasions. 

It is essential to be aware of how the teams have played against the opponents in the past. Such information may be essential while trying to predict the outcome of the World Cup matches.


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