For those new to Major League Baseball (MLB): the World Series is the yearly championship event that signals the end of the league, which usually culminates in a postseason. 

The hundred-and-something-year-old championship unfolds as a best-of-seven playoff. Champions of the American League (AL) and National League (NL) face off against one another in the World Series.

Also called the ‘Fall Classic,’ the baseball series occurred annually since its 1903 premier season except for two years. The first year without a World Series was 1904 when NL champion New York Giants refused to play AL champion Boston Americans. 

Ninety years later marked another missed championship: this time, the players were on strike. The series has mostly had the best-of-seven format, save in a handful of years where a best-of-nine playoff style determined the champion. 

While most World Series matches were held in October, a few other series games occurred in September and November.

At the end of each championship, everyone related to the winning team received World Series rings as medals. 

However, the winners’ rings in 2022, which replaced the medallions and pocket watches of the past, aren’t the only take-home for the World Series champion. Winners are traditionally invited to the White House to meet the US President.

All through the years, sports fans across the United States have shown their support for their favorite MLB teams. 

When not watching their favorite team play live, they’re canvassing domestic support for their team on the street, checking out World Series odds, or following star athletes’ lifestyles outside baseball. 

This article will focus on the teams with the most World Series titles.

5 Teams With the Most World Series Titles

Here’s a little on World Series records. Of all the 117 World Series held to date, AL champions have won 66 titles, while NL champions have won 51. 

The Seattle Mariners remain the sole active team yet to make an appearance in the prestigious event. Five other MLB teams have also played in the Fall classic without winning it ever.

No other team apart from the Houston Astros has represented the AL (won 2017, played 2019 and 2021) and the NL (in 2005). The Los Angeles Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Washington Nationals bagged the title at their only World Series appearance. 

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Miami Marlins are the only franchises outside the US to feature in and lift a World Series (1992 and 1993, respectively).

Now to the list of teams with the most titles in the yearly World Series, in reverse order.

San Francisco Giants

MLB fans will remember the renowned dominance of the San Francisco Giants in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Before then, the side hadn’t lifted a series since 1954, while the club was based in New York. 

The 1954 victory saw the San Francisco Giants bulldoze the Indians by 111-win in four matches. To date, the Giants have won the World Series title eight times.

Four of the other eight titles were in 1933 and earlier. While winning three series for Bruce Bochy is noteworthy, the feat still compares less to John McGraw’s heroics. Legend McGraw lifted three titles in eight appearances. 

The San Francisco Giants have an 8-15 in the World Series since 1988, to give a remarkable .347 winning percentage in the championship.

Boston Red Sox

At number 4 on the list of MLB teams with the most World Series titles is the Boston Red Sox. History is yet to forget the exceptional Boston Red Sox team of 1918. 

The team has stars like Harry Hooper and Babe Ruth, who won two matches as a pitcher and led the team with two RBI in the championship as a hitter.

The Boston’s outplayed the Cubs in the 1918 Series, which marked the team’s fifth title after five appearances. Babe Ruth would leave the Boston Red Sox to join the Yankees and get more fame as a slugger. For the Bostons, there wasn’t another Series win until 2004.

The team subsequently emerged champions of the Series in 2007 and 2013, adding their total Series tally to eight titles. Though they have the same number of Series titles as the Giants, the Boston Red Sox have a higher winning percentage (.615).

Oakland Athletics

Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco – then called the Bash Brothers – led this franchise to a title in 1989. The team saw off the Giants in four games in their ninth World Series attempt. 

Before that year, the Oakland Athletics had lifted three straight World Series titles (1972-1974) during the Catfish Hunter-Reggie Jackson era.

Other titles in Oakland Athletics’ history date to the team’s Philadelphia origin, when Connie Mack won five titles in nine tries. 

The A’s wouldn’t have recorded as much success without Mack, historians would say. In all, Oakland Athletics have a 9-6 in the World Series (at a winning percentage of .600)

St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are a team with fans not having to spend too much time without cheering for a title. 

While the team has lifted the World Series title 11 times, Cardinals fans today are likely still reveling in the 2011 Fall Classic. However, the franchise’s first Series win was in 1886.

Only one team has more titles than the Cardinals in World Series history. Also, the team’s 23 NL pennants tie second alongside San Francisco. 

The Cardinals are ahead of the Giants by their winning percentage and number of championship wins (.478 and an 11-12 record).

New York Yankees

In the MLB postseason, the New York Yankees are head and shoulder tall above the pack. They have won an exceptional 27 titles in 40 AL pennants since the franchise started in 1903. The Yankees never ceased to have a legendary player on its team all through.

Although the New York Yankees of the 21st Century haven’t registered as many legendary wins as they did, their 2009 win shows the side’s top form in the championship’s history. The Yankees have an outstanding winning percentage of .675.


The above sides have lifted the World Series more times than any other teams in history. The Atlanta Braves are the current champions (2021). 

As the 2022 season draws near, it remains to be seen which team will add to their Series tally this fall.


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