The NFL is a professional league, so it’s not surprising that there are players that aren’t consistent and end up underperforming. Bear in mind that the difference between a good player and an average player is quite small. 

There are many reasons why players underperform in the NFL. Some of these reasons include a lack of talent/skill, which means that a player does not have what it takes to be successful in the NFL. 

This can be due to a lack of natural ability, or simply just being too inexperienced. In most cases, this type of underperformance can be corrected with hard work and training.

A bad coach can also lead to poor performance by a player because they don't know how to improve the player’s skills. So if you think you need help becoming better at the sport, hire someone who has played in the NFL and knows how to get results in the game.

Herein, we review some of the best and worst we've seen in the NFL this season. 

Washington Commanders

The team has quite a long history in the NFL franchise dating back to when it was formed in 1932. Previously known as the Washington Redskins, the name had to be rebranded due to its sensitive nature as well as the backlash it could potentially cause. 

This season, the Commanders had a rollercoaster of good but mostly bad performances. This was mainly due to the team not pulling their weight, which left Carson Wentz, the team’s new starting quarterback, with a lot on his plate. 

The team clearly lacks the flow of working well together, this can especially be seen in the offense which needs to be polished. 

The Commanders got a victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars (22-28), followed by a loss to the Detroit Lions (36-27), another loss by the Philadelphia Eagles (8-24), and once again, a loss by the Dallas Cowboys (25-10). 

The team came pretty close to a win but fell short against the Tennessee Titans (17-21). Things finally turned around when their opponents, the Chicago Bears, had a match lacking in a stellar performance. 

The carelessness of the Bears was seen as an opportunity by Carson Wentz. While landing a glorious win of (7-12), 

Wentz, unfortunately, fractured his ring finger in the process. However, they were able to upset the Green Bay Packers without him in the next game. 

Tennessee Titans

Mike Vrabel currently leads the Tennessee Titans as their coach. Formally known as the Houston Oilers, the team now called the Tennessee Titans has been playing for decades in the NFL. 

With a torn ACL, things started pretty grimly for the team this season without Harold Landry as their pass rusher. The disarray could be seen in their first match against the New York Giants (20-21) which came as a lost game.

While the first game looked like an attempt to make up the momentum without their pass rusher, this dream was soon crushed by the Buffalo Bills (41-7). The defense felt the pressure and simply couldn’t keep up with Josh Allen clearing four touchdowns against them. 

This all changed in the next game as the running back known as Derrick Henry unleashed his fury and agility while dodging the offense trying to stop him in his tracks. 

Henry made up a total of 143 yards and led a win against the Las Vegas Raiders (24-22). Henry didn’t stop just there with his fast reflexes and showed the Indianapolis Colts (17-24) who’s boss. 

The match against the Washington Commanders (17-21) was more challenging than it was expected to be. While the Titans did end off with a win, the offensive line seemed to be waning with slight confusion as the culprit.

Despite this, the Titans regained control of the AFC South division with a major 19-10 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Currently coached by Mike Tomlin, the Pittsburgh Steelers have existed for nearly a century. So much so that the team is officially recognized as the seventh oldest in the NFL franchise. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers started with an explosive game, a victory that turned into overtime against the Cincinnati Bengals (20-23). The cost for this win however was quite high, sending Najee Harris off with a foot injury and T.J. Watt for weeks with pectoral damage.

The Steelers pushed for another win but fell short against the New English Patriots (14-17). While the team’s star quarterback Mitch Trubisky put up quite a fight against the Cleveland Browns (29-17), a loss was still inevitable. 

This was likely due to Watt not being part of the game, which would have provided the much-needed support for a win. Going into Week 4, the losses started stacking up as the team had a close run-in with the New York Jets (20-24).

The interesting part about this match was that it was finally Kenny Pickett’s time to shine. He made quite a performance by landing two rushing touchdowns however there is still so much he can improve on. 

The Steelers felt the burn of their next match, failing heavily against the Buffalo Bills (38-3). With much of the team’s defense dissipated in the field, there was no hope when Josh Allen took a clear advantage.

Beaten and bruised, a light came from the distance. That person was none other than Trubisky, returning from a neck injury that had Kenny Pickett in his place. The star quarterback made a thunderous return and pushed for a win. 

Putting the whole team in the right headspace left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a close-call game (20-18). It was a major upset victory over a team that won the Super Bowl not too long ago. However, it was followed by a close loss to the Miami Dolphins. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The team holds a logo based on the pirate Jolly Roger, which could only depict them stealing both the game they are playing and the attention of the spectators. 

Founded in 1976 and currently coached by Todd Bowles, the first game of the season was quite refreshing as it left the team with an outstanding victory against the Dallas Cowboys (3-19). 

While it’s fair to note the shortcomings of the red zone, the performance by Tom Brady was superb. Keeping up with this momentum, the Buccaneers stole another win when facing the New Orleans Saints (10-20). 

Bowles is a defensive specialist and his guidance is especially what facilitated this win. The first loss for the team came in Week 3 against the Green Bay Packers (12-14). They held their own considering how many players were missing due to injury as well as a suspended Mike Evans.

Toughing it out against the Kansas City Chiefs (31-41) left the team with another defeat. The line-up that the Chiefs had was much too polished compared to the Buccaneers at that point. 

The next game felt dull and sluggish but somehow, the team came out with a win versus the Atlanta Falcons (21-15). Bowles was clear about these shortcomings and knows that the team can do better. 

The Buccaneers dropped the ball once again when facing the Steelers (20-18). It felt odd since Brady is known to be sharper than his performance in this match. With the team gaining nothing in offense, the game ended with a loss.

The team is now in an even worse hole after losing to the rebuilding and tanking Carolina Panthers, 21-3. The Bucs are now 3-4 on the season. 

Why Is the NFL So Popular?

There are many reasons why people love the NFL. It’s a great league to watch, the competitors show a lot of heart and passion for the game, and there are plenty of thrilling moments. 

Millions of people tune in every week to watch their favorite team play on TV, making the NFL one of the most-watched sports in the world. It’s also known as a global sport with games played in many different countries. 

The NFL has some of the biggest stars in sports today, including Aaron Donald, Jaylen Ramsey, and other famous players that make it fun to follow every game. 

Ardent fans tend to use their stats of the game in many ways such as building a fantasy team, wagering on NFL odds, and chatting with like-minded friends. Fans can also root for their favorite teams by attending games and watching on TV. 


The biggest-performing NFL players know that excellence comes with hard work and training. There's also the mentality factor of the sport. Players that know that there's always something new to learn, do so by approaching their coach on areas they can improve on. 

Never lose the spark and hunger for the game. Retain the feeling of being drafted and approach every game like your life depends on it. Train hard, eat well, and be honest about your progress with your coach and team. 

Live and breathe football so that the passion never leaves your heart.


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