When you turn on the TV to watch golf, you’ll see plenty of professional golfers. You'll see Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, and Rory McIlroy. But did you know that quite a few celebrities also golf?

Not only can they golf, but some are quite good! These are five celebrities that you may not have realized are really good golfers. 

Tony Romo

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback is now a commentator for CBS. He was a good golfer in college, playing on the golf team at Eastern Illinois University. 

He participates in many celebrity golf tournaments and has even won a few. His game has improved over the years, and he now has a handicap of 1.6.

Justin Timberlake

The pop singer and actor is also an avid golfer. He plays in many celebrity golf tournaments and has hosted his match, the American Century Championship, for the past few years. His game is quite solid, with a handicap of 4.3.

Timberlake says he enjoys playing with his dad, who introduced him to the game. He also counts Michael Jordan as one of his golfing buddies.

Michael Jordan

Speaking of Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player is also a very good golfer. He's almost as well known for his golf game as his basketball career. 

He's played in many tournaments and has even won a few. His handicap is 1.2. Jordan has a putting green in his backyard and even created his own golf course, Grove XXIII, in Hobe Sound, Florida.

Mark Wahlberg

The actor and producer is also a golf aficionado. He can often be found on the golf course when he's not spending time on set or with his family. 

He's played in many celebrity tournaments and even hosts his own annual tournament, the Mark Wahlberg Invitational. He says he plays golf twice weekly and takes time almost daily to hit a bucket of balls. His handicap is a solid 8.

Carson Daly

Carson Daly tried to pursue a golf career before becoming a TV host. He was a good golfer, playing on the golf team at Santa Monica College. 

Carson even won a few tournaments. However, he eventually decided to focus on his career in broadcasting and gave up competitive golf. His current handicap is around a 10.


These are just five celebrities that you may not have realized were really good golfers. There are plenty of other celebrities out there who also enjoy playing the game of golf. 

These celebrities get the luxury of practicing whenever they want to with golf simulators and quality hitting mats, but you can get to their level too. All you need is practice and determination! 

Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next great golfer and celebrity!


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