The National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) has opened great opportunities for bettors to enjoy college football betting further. 

The exciting matches between college football teams provide full enthusiasm, making every betting journey enjoyable for college football fans.

The 2022-2023 season of Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) recently came to a conclusion, thus many bettors are now gearing up for the College Football Playoff, the National Championship, and other bowl games for their top picks. 

College Football Betting Types

Preparing to bet on the NCAAF means understanding and knowing the different betting options available. The betting types in college football include the following:


Moneyline, or straight-up bet, is a common option for college football bettors. In this betting type, bettors choose which team will win the match. 

The odds are presented through a positive or negative number sign—the favorite with a negative sign and the underdog with a positive one.

Point Spread

Point Spread Bet is among the most popular options for many bettors. Like Moneyline, the favorite and underdog is identified using positive and negative signs. 

This bet aims to equalize the bettors’ chances of winning. Simply put, the underdog must not lose by a certain point, while the favorite must win by a particular set of points set by sportsbooks to win the bet.


Totals bet, known as the Over or Under, is a betting type that allows bettors to decide whether the total points set by a sportsbook will be Over or Under. 

In Over, the combined score will be more than the set points, or Under, if the total combined score is fewer than the set score. A Push is called if the final score is exactly to the score points set by the oddsmakers. Therefore, you will get your money back.


A parlay bet is a combination of different wagers in one ticket. This may include a combination of a Moneyline, point spread, and total bets, which enables extra excitement for bettors. How to win? All your bets must make a hit for you to get your winnings. 


If you want to try an exciting betting option, there is a props bet. This betting type may not correlate to the final score or who you think will win the match. 

This may include deciding which team will score first, who will miss the goal, or random things like which celebrities will watch the game.

Other Betting Options

Some other betting options for NCAA Football include teaser bets and future bets. Teasers will allow you to move the spread points in your favor to have a betting edge. 

On the other hand, future bets are an option to place your bets in advance for matches. An example is placing a bet by choosing teams you think will end up in the championship match.

Consider the Odds

Being updated about the latest NCAAF betting odds online is your key to choosing the top team. Online sportsbooks provide lists of college football teams that are considered top performers among all participating teams. 

Odds and predictions can thoroughly discuss each team's past and recent performances to show its edge over others.

Sportsbooks also provide the favorites and underdogs based on statistics, game histories, and even athlete lineups, allowing bettors to have an overview of who to bet on. 

Looking at the odds will help you understand a team's probability of winning a match, giving you higher chances of achieving winning bets.

How to Choose an NCAA Football Betting Site

Before deciding on placing your wagers, it is first vital to choose a betting site that is safe and reliable. One way to do that is by looking at the user interface of a website. 

Can it support betting on mobile, tablet, or other devices? Does it provide various deposit options? Evaluating these factors can help you measure the convenience of a betting site. 

Try also looking at the website's customer service feature. This is vital should any problems occur in your account before, during, and after placing your bets. Usually, customer service options are available through email, telephone, or live chats.

Moreover, checking available bonuses and rewards is beneficial when choosing an NCAA football betting site. Bonuses such as welcome and deposit bonuses are great additions to your wager. 

Make sure to check the terms and conditions before accepting bonus offers, so you will be aware of any confusion before you can even use it. 


Betting on college football is undeniably a fun way to enjoy a match. With various betting options available, a keen eye and attention to detail about different teams is the key to achieving winning bets. 

Of course, as mentioned, choosing the right betting website and looking at the latest sportsbook odds are vital to ensure you can enjoy your betting journey in the NCAAF. 


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