We are only a matter of months into the 2022 NBA season, but already the standings are giving us a strong idea of who could become the new NBA champion next year.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics are the key favorites, both playing in the Eastern Conference, and perhaps the teams best suited to challenge them also compete within their division. 

The Western Conference is incredibly difficult to predict with some of last year's playoff contenders such as the Dallas Mavericks struggling for consistency. 

And even last year NBA Finals champions Golden State Warriors have struggled, although Stephen Curry has been his typical mesmerizing self. 

It seems fairly likely at this stage that the overall winner this season could emerge from the Eastern Conference. 

Apart from the Celtics and Bucks, the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking incredibly strong led by Donovan Mitchell, and are the favorites behind the leading pair to win the championship. 

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Cavaliers Key Stars

The Cavaliers are fortunate to have quality in depth in their squad with many strong options being available from the bench, but Mitchell is of course the standout. 

NBA teams do not tend to win championships without a genuine superstar who scores the majority of their points. In recent years the Golden State Warriors were led by Curry, and the Bucks by Giannis Antekoumpo in 2021.

Mitchell has averaged 28.4 points this season and has recorded a haul of over 30 points on 11 separate occasions. He even recorded 41 points against the Celtics back in October, in which demonstrated he can perform even against fellow championship contenders.

Across the roster in general, the Cavaliers have an abundance of point scorers. Soring should not be a problem for them this season, as the likes of Lamar Stevens and Kevin Love are high-quality options available to supplement the starting five. 

Defensively they are also relatively strong, with the likes of Robin Lopez off the bench as well as starting big men Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen to protect the rim. Darius Garland is a solid compliment to Mitchell in the backcourt. 

A deep squad is essential for a championship push. The Cavaliers have depth, they have height, and they have their superstar in Mitchell. 

Could they finally win their first championship without LeBron James' help? 

They certainly have no glaring issues, and while the Celtics and Bucks are incredible teams, the Cavaliers will be no walkovers in the playoffs. 

They are true championship contenders this year, and Mitchell has MVP potential.


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