[UPDATE 01/11/2023: Skip has done it again. He wrote an insensitive tweet following the Damar Hamlin incident, defended his insane tweet, and then interrupted Shannon Sharpe in a segment discussing it. You can read all about it here.]

By now, you probably have seen the viral video between Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless during their co-hosted show "Undisputed" on Fox Sports 1 on Monday. 

The segment had to do with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' awful performance against the Brock Purdy and San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, where they were blasted in a 35-7 loss, dropping the Bucs to 6-7 on the season. 

Sharpe called out Skip for his bias and homerism regarding Brady, where he gives 100% of the credit during his victories but 0% of the blame when his team loses. Sharpe also pointed out the poor play by Brady against the Niners and this season overall. 

Bayless, however, kept deflecting and making excuses. Given his history in the past, Bayless usually retorts to personal insults whenever he ends up losing in an argument or debate. One great example is what he did to former NFL head coach Eric Mangini

If Sharpe was a betting man, he would have known this type of behavior would end up coming to him eventually, even though he has been friends and partners with Skip for over six years now. Skip will go to great lengths to defend his takes, such as what he did for Brady.

Despite the Bucs' losing record, they are still the leaders of the horrible NFC South division. Skip is confident that they can still win the Super Bowl. 

If you're as confident as he is, you can click here and place a bet on Tampa Bay to win it all yourself. The returns would be great, that's for sure. Skip seems to think so.

Mr. Bayless was so confident in Brady, he decided to personally insult Shannon and his NFL career. He claims Sharpe is jealous of Brady because he is still playing at 45 years old, while Sharpe retired at 35. Brady has seven Super Bowl rings, while Sharpe has three. 

However, Sharpe is a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest tight ends in football history. Some would even consider him the GOAT. But to Skip, that does not mean a single thing. 

Sharpe was definitely shocked by the disrespect. He even had to hold himself back in insulting Bayless, where he almost went the Richard Sherman route in saying "I'm better at life than you." But honestly, Skip deserved that. 

Everyone has their reasons for retiring. Sharpe, even at over 50 years old, is still in great shape. Though he retired at age 35, he probably could have played a few more years if he really wanted to do it back then. And that is a personal choice.

Maybe he did not want to keep playing like Brady and then end up divorced like him. Also, playing tight end is a much more physically demanding position than quarterback, where they barely get hit—especially in today's NFL (and ESPECIALLY when you are Tom Brady).

Bayless had a history of disrespecting people, which has nothing to do with their performance. He goes at them personally, such as what he did to Mr. Sharpe on FS1. 

You can look back to other moments where he had a feud with former NBA star Chris Bosh. He called him "Bosh Spice" as a nickname. Even after Bosh requested to not say that, Bayless refused to do so

I am honestly surprised no one has gone after Skip for his disrespect like former NFL quarterback Jim Everett did to sports personality Jim Rome. He honestly deserves it. 

Besides throwing hands though, the best way to get back at Skip and make him shut up is to play the same game as him. Otherwise, he won't let up. Or use intellect and make him look dumb. I wish Shannon had done so, but he will get Skip back eventually. 

With that said, maybe he can take a cue from his earlier trolls at Skip or what others have done to Bayless in the past. 

With that said, let's take a look at several moments where Skip got owned on live TV, whether it was on FS1 or on ESPN's "First Take." 

Jalen Rose & "Water Pistol Pete Jr."

Skip Bayless used to claim he was a star basketball point guard in high school, saying he balled out like Pistol Pete. However, it was later proven that Bayless only averaged 1.4 points per game in high school, as well as playing on the JV team as a junior. 

Rose kept these facts to his advantage, and when the perfect moment came, he out-Skipped Skip Bayless and put him in a body bag. Seeing it in real time was amazing when he did this on "First Take." 

Mark Cuban Exposes Skip

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made Bayless look like an utter fool on "First Take" after LeBron James and the Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals back in 2012—so much so that Stephen A. Smith was completely silent.

SAS did not want the smoke, but Bayless did. He got lit up like a cigar from Michael Jordan, with his basketball knowledge being completely exposed by Cuban. 

Charles Barkley Attacks Skip

I don't think Charles Barkley has ever talked to Bayless, but he definitely feels a type of way about him since he started blowing up in the late-2000s due to his hot takes. Thus, Barkley decided to dish back whenever he was on TNT or on other platforms. 

Gotta love it. It's hilarious. 

Richard Sherman Personally Insults Bayless

You couldn't tell Richard Sherman anything when he was at his peak on the Seattle Seahawks, and he had A LOT to say to Skip. It seems like he only came on to "First Take" just to personally insult Skip, leaving Stephen A. Smith in silence like Mark Cuban did. 

Sherman said he was better than Skip at EVERYTHING. He said that at just 24 years old, he was already "better at life" than Bayless, who's at least 30 years older than Sherman. Bayless didn't let up, but Sherman came ready with the personal jabs. 

LeBron Has Never Acknowledged Skip

When you think about it, LeBron James is a big reason why Skip is still relevant and has a job. Bayless has made millions of LeBron's name by simply just being a hater of the King and having the most outlandish takes about him.

Bayless has said some ridiculous things about LeBron, such as claiming that a 52-year-old Michael Jordan could beat a prime 30-year-old LeBron in a one-on-one game of pickup basketball. There are so many others, it's hard to keep count.

It has gotten so bad that we expect he will start attacking Bronny and Bryce James once they reach college basketball levels or even the NBA—just because they are an extension of LeBron and he can continue his generational hating. 

However, despite all of this, we have never seen LeBron EVER address Skip. He's never said his name nor ever acknowledged him in his entire 20-year NBA career. That's pretty legendary, and probably a big diss and insult toward Skip. 

I'm sure Bayless feels some type of way that LeBron has never spoken about him, not even on his new TV show "The Shop." I am sure Skip would love to hear from him, but that would only give him credibility—which is something LeBron knows and does not want to give. 

It has been getting so bad that people wonder if Skip actually has some type of unhealthy obsession with the Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Fame forward, who is about to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points scored in NBA history. 

Bayless denies it, but I know he's mad when he is proven wrong about LeBron over the years:

Especially when Shannon, a noted LeBron fan, rubs it in: 

This LeBron situation has to be ultimate own. I hope the King's silence about Skip continues, and maybe we will see some people getting back at Skip like he tirelessly tries to do to others. 

I hope we get more of this Shannon energy too: 


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