Finding moments of solitude in an increasingly connected and fast-paced world can be challenging.

However, there’s no denying the power of alone time to recharge our batteries and help us connect with ourselves on a deeper level.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking for some time to reflect, we’ve got 11 outdoor activities that are perfect for enjoying alone. 


Golfing is a great outdoor activity to do as you can either do it solo or play a round with your friends.

Playing golf is considered to be quite popular around the world. The fact that you can go on holidays that are targeted at golfers and plan your time away around golfing events and tours just goes to show how much of an impact this game has on people.

If you think that you can see yourself playing this sport, then you will want to know where some top golfing courses are for a fun time.

There are some of the best golf courses in Pennsylvania for you to peruse. Or, if you are looking for a bit more of a 'vacation' you can fly to New Zealand or Mexico. These are perfect places for you to soak up the sun as you try and get a hole in one (emphasis on the word 'try').


The Appalachian Trail runs for 2,190 miles through 14 states from Maine to Georgia. It offers an amazing variety of landscapes, including high peaks, thick forests, and rolling hills. 

The Long Trail runs for 1,163 miles through six northeastern states. It runs along the Connecticut River and its tributaries. You can hike it in either direction and there are many shelters along the way to rest or camp. 

The John Muir Trail is a 560-mile footpath. The trail climbs over 8,000 feet and includes beautiful rivers and lakes as well as wildflower meadows. 

The Pacific Crest Trail stretches for 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada and follows the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It's open to hikers year-round.

Never go on one of these hiking trails without researching them beforehand. Some of them are for hikers with more experience, so always make sure you are picking one that suits your level of expertise.


Ride Through a Park or Forest

A beautiful park or forest is the perfect place to ride your bike. You get to bask in the fresh air and scenic views as you cycle past.

Cycle Along a River or Stream

Many rivers and streams offer stunningly peaceful rides with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Be sure to take note of the wildlife that you might encounter along the way.

Cycle Down a Mountain Slope

Mountain biking can be an exhilarating experience whether you're riding downhill or uphill – it definitely offers something for everyone! If you'd like to try something a little more challenging, consider cycling down a steep mountain slope instead!

Cycle Through City Streets

For a more urbanized experience, why not cycle through city streets? It's sure to be fun dodging traffic and exploring all of the interesting sights and sounds that your hometown has to offer!


There are plenty of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed alone when camping. Whether you're looking for a quick adventure or something more relaxing.


Find a climbing spot near you and venture out onto some of the tallest mountains in your area. Climb peaks, cliffs, and towers - there's no limit to what you can achieve by climbing! 

Be sure to take safety precautions such as wearing sturdy shoes and checking weather conditions before departing for the climbing spot.


You don't need any special equipment - just bring along a water bottle and some snacks if desired - and head out onto tranquil lakes or rivers.


Fishing provides an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends while catching some delicious fish! (If you don’t want to go it alone).

Be sure to check local regulations before heading out onto the water. Many lakes and rivers are closed at certain times of the year. This could be to do with weather conditions or other fishing-related issues.

Horseback Riding

Riding on horseback can provide a unique experience. Riding through forests, meadows, and along rivers provides an opportunity to see wildlife up close and learn about traditional horse-handling techniques.


New to kayaking? Make sure you are aware of what to do before you take to the water. Find a kayak that is comfortable for you. You'll want something that is stable and fits your body well. 

Make sure you have all the supplies you need: a paddle, lifejackets (if required), and sunscreen. Always remember to check the weather conditions before hitting the water. 

Don't forget to take care when navigating around other boats and obstacles: always use caution when crossing busy waterways!

Try and go with someone your first time out. This will help you if you get into a problem. They can be your support and navigate you if you need it. The next time, you will be able to tackle it alone!


Ensure you know what trails and campsites are available in the area before you go backpacking.

Pack enough food and water for the duration. If you are not diligent, you could find yourself running out mid-trip, and there are not any shops you can go into to stock up.

And remember to bring along sunscreen, insect repellent, hats, and other necessary gear for a safe and enjoyable experience outdoors!

You can do backpacking in a day, or you may prefer to stay overnight (combine it with camping). Backpacking can be less intense than hiking as some people might just want to go for a leisurely stroll, it is up to the individual.


An outdoor activity, such as mountaineering, requires the use of climbing gear to ascend mountains and can be enjoyed alone or in a group.

The Alps, Andes, and Rocky Mountains are some of the most popular mountain ranges for climbers.

It can be challenging but rewarding, providing solitude and a sense of accomplishment not found elsewhere in life. 

Getting exercise, clearing your mind, and exploring some of the world's most beautiful landscapes are all benefits of mountaineering.


So, from this list we’ve provided for you, what solo outdoor activity are you planning on doing next?


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