Many people believe golf is painful to watch on the tube. While that’s often the case, certain tournaments and players are worth plopping on the couch for. 

If you see any of the best professional golfers to watch on TV at the top of the leaderboard, get your popcorn ready! It may not hurt to place a bet on one of these five golfers at your local casino as well. 

Rory McIlroy 

Having massive star power makes you worth watching, and Rory McIlroy has it. Golf may never have another Tiger Woods, but McIlroy is paving his own way. 

It seems like he’s always making noise on a Sunday at a major, including this year’s US Open before he fell short against Wyndham Clark. 

Unfortunately for McIlroy and his fans, who love watching him crush 300-yard drives on the reg, he hasn’t won a major since the 2014 PGA Championship. 

Still, that doesn’t make him any less interesting to watch, especially when many of us are eager to see him hoist a major trophy again. 

Bryson DeChambeau

The best movies and television series have a villain you love to hate and hope to falter. For the most part, golf is a game full of non-abrasive personalities—and then there’s Bryson DeChambeau.

DeChambeau is hard to like based on past comments, such as saying Augusta National is a par-67 for him. Still, it’s hard not to find joy in players who focus on their long drives to hit the green in one on par-4s like they’re Happy Gilmore. 

Better yet, you could watch him struggle and miss the cut at The Masters and take solace in the fact that atonement does exist. 

Jon Rahm

Speaking of golf’s greatest tournament, The Masters, how about this year’s champion Jon Rahm? Watching Jon Rahm swing will confuse an amateur golfer even more about proper swing mechanics. 

Rahm’s quick and compact swing packs a powerful punch, and he’s one of the longest hitters in the game today. 

Rahm’s rise in popularity may be partly due to his absurd forced withdrawal from the 2021 Memorial Tournament when he was leading by six strokes. 

Maybe it’s because he’s not shredded to the gills like many golfers are today, making him seem like an average dude. 

Scottie Scheffler 

While Rahm’s swing is a bit goofy to watch, it’s nothing compared to watching Scottie Scheffler’s feet move like he’s tap dancing. It’s wild to witness Scheffler’s excellence when his balance looks completely off. 

Still, this 2022 Masters champion is a must-see on TV, assuming you like watching internationally-ranked players. 

Brooks Koepka 

When he first made noise on the PGA Tour, Brooks Koepka seemed like a spoiled pretty boy who happened to play golf. It wasn’t until he showed his jovial personality through interviews that he became a fan favorite.

His feud with Bryson is a joy to watch, particularly when we get a patented “Brooksie!” jab toward DeChambeau in the crowd. Aside from that, Koepka is a great golfer, as evident by his 2023 PGA Championship.  


If one of the best professional golfers to watch on TV is in contention over the weekend, you may want to alter your plans to catch the back nine and marvel at how good these athletes are.


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