A lot of talk has been going around Anquan Boldin. Thanks to two good friends of mine, Isaac Barrow and Mitchell Timp, helped me with some idea.

I don't know if Isaac knows, but his article really made want to make an Anquan Boldin article of my own. He, and a little bit of John Clayton (ESPN), said that the Ravens have the best chance of getting him.

I agree but there is some more teams. I don't know if the Ravens will get Boldin, but it is better than wasting a pick in the first round. Okay, let's not get too far. I will label all the teams that have a chance for Boldin. Some of them are listed above but I left out one.

So who will get Boldin? A sweepstakes helped me, and hey, it is still going on. When does it end? Never, until someone gets him. Let's go!

Indianapolis Colts

Well I am a Colts fan, aren't I? Well I didn't pick Boldin for the Indianapolis Colts just because I am a Colts fan. Because the Colts actually need him. Quite a while ago, the Colts released Marvin Harrison because of the offer.

Now the Colts really need a receiver. I said, in my mock draft with Mitchell Timp, that the Colts will get Ramses Barden. Bad idea. Not the typical player in that round. But he is a steal but I say, like Isaac Barrow, he will be in the second-through-third round of the draft. I am also his friend on Facebook!

And now back to the Boldin story.

Now the Colts have no receiver to replace Harrison. Who will, though? One answer: Anquan Boldin. If the Colts can trade some of their draft picks and probably some player, (Not exactly sure who it will be...Roy Hall? I don't know!) they can actually get the player who had a fight with his offensive coordinator.

But the likes of that happening of the Colts getting Boldin is very slim. They either look to get Hakeem Nicks as the 28th pick in the draft. But hey, a Colts fan can dream.

Is that right, Ryan Michael and Bryan Brackeny?

Baltimore Ravens

Well the Ravens do have the best chance of getting Boldin, like Paul said and Isaac. But now, it's my turn to say something, but you guys did a good job, too. Now Derrick Mason won't stay in the NFL forever. He is a reliable receiver and he will retire and probably two-to-three years at the maximium probably.

And then if Mason leaves, who will help out Mark Clayton? You can't possibly change Todd Heap to receiver, although that would be pretty cool. Or L.J. Smith, but it might not happen for Smith because Isaac said he "sucks." But don't worry Isaac, Smith could be good for the Ravens.

Now let's get to my point of Boldin.

They could trade their first- or third-round picks for Boldin. With Boldin in the mix for the Ravens, and a possible chance of Barden in the third- or fourth-round of the draft, it could happen. And there has been a lot of "hoopla" going on for the Ravens (again, like Isaac has said...what a Ravens' fan he is) and with Boldin in, it would be hoop-hoopla.

Minnesota Vikings

Hey, Mitchell Timp, this is for you. So the Vikings last best receiver (This is what I think. No disrespect to the Vikings fans and the receivers for the team) has been Randy Moss who has been with them from 1998-2004. Then there was Cris Carter.

Now there is Bernard Berrian.

I know there is some other receivers for the team that are good, like Sidney Rice or Bobby Wade. But those guys are developing into good receivers. Bobby Wade is actually pretty good but I personally think that Berrian is a lot better. Berrian, 99-yard touchdown pass last year.

Pretty good, huh?

But then there is Anquan Boldin...

If the Vikings could trade someone, or a draft pick (but more of a draft pick, I bet), they could get Boldin. Boldin wants money. Vikings can do that. Can Boldin be a Viking? Hell yes. If he was...Vikings got there guy.

No more crap for T-Jack. He has a guy to throw to, finally! Why did they get Rosenfels then?

Miami Dolphins

Been hearing rumors that Dolphins could get Boldin in one of my series of Big Sports News. I believe it. Again, trade someone. The Dolphins have their quarterback in Chad Pennington, who I think won Comeback Player of the Year (What is that? Like 30 of them already?), and Pennington is looking for a receiver.

The Dolphins do have Ted Ginn Jr., Ernest Wilford (Who really didn't play last year. Probably due to injury.), Greg Camarillo, and Davone Bess. But Camarillo and Bess are developing. The Dolphins could trade Wilford and (Or or) one-to-three draft picks for Boldin.

But what can he do?

A lot. The Dolphins really need help on the passing game. They really relied on Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Now they got to step up there game. With the Dolphins getting Boldin, they could probably also get Darrius Heyward-Bey along to help the passing game big time.

Sound good, huh?

Jacksonville Jaguars

With the signing of Torry Holt just now, the Jaguars need another receiver, too. Holt is turning 32, and they need a younger 28-year-old guy like Anquan Boldin along with the "Big Game."

Because Torry Holt can't take place of the releases of Matt Jones and Jerry Porter, who looked to become stars but couldn't. Jerry Porter didn't do anything and Matt Jones had an arrest (what a shame).

I don't how the Jaguars could get Boldin but with that strong first round pick and probably a third-to-fifth round pick, they could get Boldin. It would be nice. Then there is no point getting a quarterback in the NFL draft. David Garrard needs a target.

The Jaguars are known for their running game and it might not be as good because of the loss of Fred Taylor. So if the Jaguars can get another receiver, especially Boldin (of course), they could be dominant team in the AFC South.

Although I don't want that to happen because I am a Colts fan. Sorry Jags.

New York Giants

The Giants were doing...great! There was that Earth,Wind, and Fire system. Eli Manning really developing into a Pro Bowl quarterback. But something screwed it up: Plaxico "Shoot-Myself-In-The-Leg" Burress.

The Giants released him not too long ago. Now they need to find a receiver, fast! They don't even have Amani Toomer! All they have is...well, nobody! Get Boldin, quick! With Boldin, the Giants are back on track.

Maybe Boldin won't shoot but Manning will because he is so happy with Anquan on the team.

San Francisco 49ers

With a possible chance of Michael Vick getting added (thanks to Mike) or getting Mark Sanchez in the NFL Draft, the Niners need a receiver. They have Isaac Bruce and Brandon Jones. Don't forget this rising star: Josh Morgan. And then there is the tight end, Vernon Davis.

But who are the 49ers missing? No one you may say. How so? They need a receiver. Bruce will retire next year, guarentee it. I know he is going to enter his 16th season but there is no way there is going to be a 17th.

Now to Boldin.

49ers could possibly get him. Trade both of their quarterbacks (Shaun Hill and Alex Smith, but that might not work at all with those two guys because they suck) and pair of draft picks and you got Boldin. But I don't think it will happen.

With the Niners in the sameItalic division as the Cardinals, they won't to take a risk of getting beaten by them all the time! They can get Boldin, but it would be tough as hell as it is.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Don't worry, folks. I am almost done. Just this one and two more. Now of course I had to involve the Buccaneers. Sure, they have Michael Clayton, but his status has been going down by the years. His status just went up, somehow, by the re-signing of him.

With Byron Leftwich signed; it will be Josh Johnson, Brian Griese, Luke McCown, and (of course) Leftwich competing for the starting quarterback spot in the depth chart. I think Leftwich would win with Johnson as a runner-up (I'll tell you why).

But who can be the receiver for the Buccaneers? Joey Galloway is long gone, he is a Cheatriot, oops, I mean Patriots (sorry Andrew Cahill, Sean Crowe, and many other Patriots fans). Buccaneers need a wide receiver.

Get Boldin.

They could trade somebody. Someone like Josh Johnson and a draft pick. That could work. Kurt Warner will retire in one-to-two years, however. Matt Leinart, not sure of him as a real good potential starting quarterback, even though he does have a second chance. With Boldin, the Bucs are capable of being a strong team.

Philadelphia Eagles

Now, this is to guys like Dan Parzaych (sorry if I mis-spelled your name here man), Bryn and Cody Swartz, and Geoff Crawley. Now the Eagles look to have the best bet I am not too sure but let's get a move on!

With "Fraction" DeSean Jackson and Kevin Curtis, the Eagles have somebody missing. McNabb needs the best receiver since T.O. Now he can.

If they can trade some draft picks, they have a potential chance of getting Anquan Boldin. And it is better than getting Knowshon Moreno in the draft. Trust me. It is. 100 percent guarenteed you'll be satisfied with that kind of product.

It will work and the Eagles can be real amazing. And guess what? Super Bowl time.

Arizona Cardinals

How about Boldin goes with nobody? I mean seriously. The Cardinals are missing out on a great receiver. Who will the Cards replace Boldin with? Amani Toomer? No! Come on!

It was all good with the "Big Three" of the Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston. Stay and play.

Where Will Boldin Go?

I say the Baltimore Ravens. And hey, why not? I don't think the Cardinals should ever trade Boldin to an NFC team because then they would get killed by Boldin in the playoffs and probably the regualar season.

With an AFC team, you just play Boldin once every four years and maybe meet him in the Super Bowl. The other AFC teams might not have the cap room, like the Cardinals themselves. And Boldin deserves more money.

So Ravens get Boldin.

What do you think? Fans, say your word.


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