If there’s an appealing fairy tale in the making, or a myth, it’s the purple and gold fascinating pursuit to another championship banner. The romantic tale emerges into the uttermost enthrallment, not only in the league, but a city where the entertainment capital turns all eyes to the Lakers, a wicked team scarier than most villains. If there’s any team to blemish Cleveland’s or Boston’s fairy tale, it’s the Lakers.

The spring strictly heralds the Lakers, and of course, the variety of local sports team’s remains in the background until Lakers’ season is officially over. It doesn’t seem as if it will occur anytime soon, so sport the purple and gold apparel and believe in Lakers’ season. Meanwhile, they pose as NBA’s villain and the most powerful menace, and evidently they’re the most dynamic team in the playoffs. Cleveland, Celtics, Denver, Portland or Houston should all be nervous as the Lakers illustrate a championship threat. Only their dominance presents a scare and a possible early vacation for those they’ll meet. Sure, a fairy tale normally ends with sunny skies, but if the Lakers continues to overpower anyone stepping in their way, it's coherent teams might be in for a rule of waken as skies may darken.

Meanwhile, the forecast in Los Angeles predicts sunny skies and hot temperatures, perfect weather considering the Lakers hot streak in the threshold of the postseason. Once again, as they have done so well in dominating the postseason, mastering playoff games in their quest to a championship, their fiercer than ever, their exciting than ever and their mightier than ever. After a wakeup call a year ago, it brought on a sense of urgency. Since then, the Lakers are playing with a greedy and callous perspective, so now it’s fine to refer to them as the 0.9 version Lakers. As they left behind the 0.8 version, they took a few positive things away from their letdown in the Finals, ending results that left a bitter taste and ending results that have them seeking redemption.

The hard-nosed method cures mental lapses of a year ago and good health status upgrades their toughness, en route to a best-of-seven series defeat. So far its good indications that the Lakers aren’t someone to face, villains that could hinder LeBron James, the league’s impending MVP, chances on winning his first championship or offset the ailing Celtics chances of a dynasty.

For now, they’re categorized or at least should be tagged as the root of all evil, not only for their mean stare, but for their toughness. The word “nasty” suits the Lakers well, and it’s a good way to describe their effectiveness against Utah. It’s a bad choice of words that were used by the Jazz coach Jerry Slogan, harsh language that applied to the Lakers. But perhaps he was right, as they were nastier than most NBA teams. By standards, they’re on the verge of capturing a championship, a well-known trademark to the coveted Lakers, who’s entertaining and dramatic shooting has led to success.

The Lakers continue to post high scoring numbers above the scoreboards, but there’s a problem if people can’t pick up their free tacos. True, but the admiring game doesn’t revolve around tacos, it revolves around winning. As the Lakers secured a 119-109 victory in Game 2 to take a commanding 2-0 lead, people saw their tacos squander, but saw the Lakers walk off in good position traveling off to Utah for Games 3 and 4, where in the past they haven’t handled the noise factor too brilliantly. But with the Lakers unbelievable shooting, a hostile crowd isn’t as intimidating if the Lakers could convert their shooting abundance on the road in the next two games.

Still, it shouldn’t matter if the Lakers plays in an Octagon or in a steam room, wherever they play and whoever they play, things will become hostile at this course of the season. No matter where the game is played, they could play any where and match the intensity level. Yes, I’ll say everywhere they played this year generated friendly confines. For one, Kobe Bryant is embraced almost at every venue and the Lakers are admired nationwide, obviously seeing purple and gold everywhere isn't unforeseen. As the amazing story is the flawless shooting display, it only indicates furious sensibility.

Getting off to a fast start set the tone early, as they amassed 41 points on 86 percent shooting in the first half. There’s no team currently in the playoffs with numbers that staggering, and there’s no team as lethal as the Lakers. Sure, there’s the Cavs, who are having a breakout year and arguably its greatest season after winning 64 games to set a franchise record. As the Lakers are led by the energetic finisher Bryant, the Cavs have an explosive superstar in James, including a confident supporting cast. None of that matters, as the Lakers are still the dominant team. The supporting cast is stronger, the defensive competence is remotely potent, though it could use an upswing, but the shooting plenitude is sizzling hotter than the latest heat droughts on the West Coast.

Although the Lakers generates problems, the Jazz cut it within three points in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter, but with early struggles and offensive spurts, the Lakers are laborious to contain or beat. And even more so, the Jazz is without their center Mehmet Okur, whose presence could limit the Lakers from making a grand entrance inside so often. Most of the damage was done inside the paint to outplay the Jazz for at least three quarters, before they cut into a 20-point lead. It's a problem that has hurt the Lakers, and it's blowing leads by falling asleep before a long night’s work and a long 48 minutes of play is completed. To keep from blowing leads, they clearly must stay awake for the entire contest or else. The Jazz are undersized in which the Lakers punished them inside, with their towering seven-footers. Andrew Bynum avenged a seven-point, five-rebound effort in Game 1, and scored 10 points in the first seven minutes.

It’s nothing wrong with their efficacy until late in the game when they ease up, when the Lakers start to become lackadaisical and believe a win is already chilling in the refrigerator. But usually they find out the hard way that a victory isn’t chilling like those villains. And as they get into a comfort zone, lapses occur while maintaining a comfortable margin. The Jazz refuse to let up, led by the two superstars Carlos Boozer, who scored a driving layup to cut the score to within three and to make things tense. Deron Williams contributed by pouring in 35 points and nine assists. And yes, the Jazz will likely win one or maybe two games in the best-of-seven series, if the Lakers surrender comfortable leads. It’s too many weapons on Utah, and if the Lakers squander large margin leads, they could easily find themselves tied or even trailing by a game. But there’s a slight chance that will not happen, when the Lakers comprise of Kobe and an alerting Lamar Odom, who’s finally starting to play a role after finishing on some sensational plays in an entertaining first quarter.


But it’s meaningless, if the Lakers fail to sizzle with a flawless finish. It was all Bynum and Pau Gasol in the first quarter, dominating Utah’s size and the paint. Both made nine shots combined, to complete the quarter with 19 points. You already know what Bryant brought, another wonderful high-scoring finish with 26 points. But the Lakers must realize relaying on late heroics could cost them a much-critical game and a championship. Though, there’s no team out there that could beat them and match their fundamentally sound formula, the Lakers still have to install attentiveness and energy, which is made up of excellent shooting and inside force. Yet there's still unfinished business, they’ll the evildoers and will likely smudge NBA’s amazing stories. It’s the Cavs and Celtics of course, as the Lakers should hoist the hardware.


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