The Colts have now signed some new players in free agency and got some new guys from the draft. It brings me to the position battles. A lot of controversial picks but let's see how it goes. These players will battle for the top, to win their position. Let's go!

Quarterbacks: 1. Peyton Manning 2. Curtis Painter 3. Jim Sorgi 4. Chris Crane

The Battle: Second String Quarterback

Who will be the second-stringer. It will never be Peyton Manning, the brain of the quarterbacks in the NFL. It will be between Painter, Sorgi, and Crane.

Painter has been flat-out great in his career, throwing for over 11,000 passing yards and 67 touchdowns. I see him as the second-stringer because he will be mentored greatly by the great Peyton Manning. Although he might be backing Manning up for the next six years, by the time Manning retires, Painter is in. Why? Because he has been behind Peyton for so long and will be about 27-31 years old by the time he is starter so he can be the man for the Colts for quite a while.

Then there is Jim Sorgi, who has only thrown for six touchdowns and one interception in his NFL career. He hasn't been that good as a backup for Manning, and I can see why the Colts got those two other quarterbacks. Sorgi will try to mentor and will probably be released during the season, but if he isn't he will be at the third string. Why? Because if he was in the Painter situation, he will be between 35-37 years old when he is starter. Indy won't accept having him as starter for a year! That will just be unacceptable. It's just too messed up that way.

Then there is Chris Crane battling. He won't stand a chance. He has thrown for eleven touchdowns and 14 interceptions in his college career, which is pretty bad. He had ten touchdowns and 13 interceptions last year. He will need more time to improve. And that is why he is at the spot he is as we see in the depth chart.

Running Backs: 1. Joseph Addai 2. Donald Brown 3. Mike Hart 4. Lance Ball 5. Chad Simpson

Two Battles

1. Second String

Ah, the second string. It'll be Donald Brown vs. Mike Hart for that spot. Mike Hart has one more year of experience but never did anything, only playing one game but only had one carry. He was injured for the most part. But it will be Donald Brown because he was the first round pick for Indy and he looks to be the man to share the load with Joseph Addai. Hart looks to be something else.

But why Brown? Brown led the league, and it's College Football of course, and was just spectacular. The Colts could have picked Chris Wells but Donald Brown fits the offense. He will also be catching some balls, which Mike Hart might not be able to do. And that is why Brown will win this fight. But don't feel too sorry for Hart, he has something, too!

2. Third String

The third string. The best thrid string back for the Colts I have seen is James Mungro. The Colts are looking for that next type of Mungro player. And that is where Mike Hart, Lance Ball, and Chad Simpson come in. Hart will win. Why?

Hart knows the Colts offense more than all of the running backs on the roster right now besides Joseph Addai. I also heard some rumors from many sites, including the Colts Corner, that the Colts will make Hart the third-down and goal line back. So he will get playing time. Hart was also just made everyone dumbfounded of how great he was in Michigan. He was the Michigan Wolverines when he was there. Can he do it if he can be the next James Mungro? I told you, and you need to find out.

Why not Ball or Simpson? Those guys haven't done much but have played more than Hart, no doubt about that. But these guys might get released. Hart was never given a chance because of injury, but if he wasn't, he would be having at least 100-300 yards last year. Ball or Simpson might get released because it looks weird with five backs on the roster, and Colts won't really use Ball or Simpson. Simpson might get released and Ball might be on the practice squad.

Let's see how that turns out.

Wide Receivers: 1. Reggie Wayne 2. Anthony Gonzalez 3. Austin Collie 4. Roy Hall 5. Pierre Garcon 6. Taj Smith

Two Battles

1. Third String

Who will be the third-stringer. It's between Collie and Hall. I say Collie. I heard some rumors on College Football Live that Austin Collie, from BYU, may be the next Marvin Harrison! Now imagine that! Collie will be the slot because Collie does have the stats like he did last year: 106 catches for over 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns. Career: 215 catches for 3,225 yards and 30 touchdowns. Man!

But it's just not that. Collie looks like the Gonzalez of 2007. He can be very good at the slot and he did run a 4.50 at the combine. Not much of the speed, but he is more of the possession kid. He can do a lot of things and he will be a Brandon Stokley type of kid in his first three years.

Roy Hall was close. He can't because he didn't have much playing time. He did run 4.40, faster than Collie, but he does have the hands Collie does. He could be close. It is going to be a huge battle. He does have the size, very close to be 6'4" and he is also 240 pounds. He is a big guy. He just needs to fix his hands more. But he will win in this spot.

2. Fourth String

This is where Hall, Garcon, and Smith compete at. I say Hall because of his size advantage and he can catch the ball better than the the other two players. Hall will be that type of guy who will be a key receiver on occasional downs.

Garcon looks to be just a kick returner like he was last year. I say he is better off there and Taj Smith hasn't done anything yet. He will be a guy to add depth but we haven't seen much from him. We'll see how he does, but right now, Hall is in contention for the slot or this spot.

Tight Ends: Good as is.

Offensive Line: It won't matter. No battles here. Everything is good as is.

RDE and LDE: No battles. It won't matter. Everything is good as is.

Defensive Tackle: 1. Raheem Brock 2. Terrance Taylor 3. Fili Moala 4. Ed Johnson

Battle: The Two Starters

I said Brock and Taylor because these guys have what it takes. Last year, Brock was also left defensive end, but the Colts mostly put him at defensive tackle and he was just amazing and earned the starting spot. Brock will be there and was pretty good last year by 14 games: 30 tackles and 3.5 sacks. I say Brock has what it takes and will stay there, no doubt.

Then who is the other guy. It's between Taylor, Moala, and Johnson. I said Taylor because he is a much bigger and physical guy than Moala and Johnson. He also had better career stats in college than both of the two. Even though he was picked in the fourth while Moala in the seconds, Taylor will get it. His size takes a big part and he will get there.

Linebackers: Nothing here. Good as is.

Cornerbacks, Safeties, Punters, and Kickers: Nothing here. Good as is.

So that is that. These battles are great. Let's see how the Colts will progress to becoming a great team into next year. These battles will take a big part in the off-season and I hope you will enjoy it!

Comments? Suggestions? Any other battles I missed out on? Comment below and type out what you think!


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