Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Big Sports News! Today, I will be going towards the MLB section of the Big Sports News Network! I haven't done one post for a while and I was hoping I can do a Big MLB News post now. Enjoy it. Not much is going on, but I still hope you read this article and enjoy it! Let's go!


Philadelphia Phillies After Brett Myers will most probably be lost for the season, the Phils have announced that they are looking for a replacement for the right-hander Myers. Fox Sports says that they'll be patient and might make an approach towards Brad Penny. The Phillies are also looking at Erik Bedard and Roy Oswalt, who will feature in this article, too. The Phillies are also looking at some Triple-A players like Kyle Kendrick, Carlos Carrasco, Drew Carpenter, Rodrigo Lopez, and lastly, Antonio Basardo. I would say Antonio Basardo because it will be kind of tough to get Penny, Oswalt, or Bedard. They should probably go towards the prospect of Basardo because after reading Joey Henson's (a.k.a. Giants27) article from Bleacher Report about him, they should use him.

MLB: MAY 05 Rangers at Mariners

Erik Bedard

With Jake Peavy crap going on, Bedard is coming in as well as a top trade target. Fox Sports talks about Bedard and says that he is worth over $7M and could be used with the Phillies actually!

Bedard is drawing interest and people are buying it. I will love to see how this turns out.

Wagner Mateo

Mateo has been offered a $4M offer from the St. Louis Cardinals! He and Pujols will be banging homers all day long! Mateo, who is from the Dominican Republic where most great baseball players are from, is considered one of the best prospects this year.

You just have to see how he performs! And I forgot to mention, HE IS 16 YEARS OLD!

Houston Astros vs St. Louis Cardinals

Roy Oswalt

Well, here is the moment you have been waiting for! You had to pass just 333 words to get here. So let's go!

Oswalt has been the biggest news flash of the day because interest has spread that he might go to the Chicago White Sox. After a failure of getting Peavy, they are now going for Oswalt. The Tribune reports that the Sox have been following Oswalt and the Astros.

Will the Phillies find a replacement for Brett Myers? Is Wagner Mateo the best 16-year old player ever? Roy Oswalt to the Sox? We'll find out soon on another edition of Big Sports News: MLB Edition!


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