Hello friends and welcome to another edition of Big Sports News. Today, we’ll be going into the MLB section of the Big Sports News network. So get your eyes ready, because not much is going to be here, so read fast! Hope you enjoy, the tile says it all.

Florida News - May 16, 2009

Akinori Iwamura

With the season-ending injury of Iwamura, the Rays are looking for replacements, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Some trades could go on as the Rays might trade for Freddy Sanchez or Dan Uggla.

But the Rays say they’ll stick with their own guys, their replacements they already have in stock.

“I think we’ll stay in-house,” Friedman said. “I think with Zobie [Ben Zobrist], with Willy [Aybar], with [Reid] Brignac, we’ve got some very capable guys.”

I sure hope they do.

MLB: Mets vs Brewers SEP 3

Alcides Escobar

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Class Triple-A prospect, Alcides Escobar will return to shortstop with the Brewers after playing at second base.

With Rickie Weeks lost for the year, Escobar is now in and looks to bring it on.

“We’ll probably determine how much we want to keep him there [second base],” said Melvin. “We just wanted him to get a feel for it. We’ll probably get him back to short, mostly.”

World Baseball Classic - Puerto Rico Day 4

Pedro Martinez

With Tim Redding out, the Mets are looking for a guy at fifth starter. The New York Post reports that the Mets may bring back in Pedro Martinez, who is still a free agent.

Could the Mets bring back Pedro, let’s hope they do because this guy has some talent and some needs to take this kid badly. Sure, he may be old, but look at Jamie Moyer!

Take Pedro, New York, or your screwed. Well, not really, but just take Martinez!

MLB: MAY 17 Reds at Padres

Jake Peavy

Well here is the biggest news flash today for Big Sports News Network in the Big MLB News section! After reading over 314 words, you have made it! You can tell this is the biggest news flash with that giant picture above this paragraph. So let’s get to this!

Rumors say that Peavy might be traded to the Phillies. Last time, we heard he might go to the White Sox? Where is this kid going to go? Peavy is not a fan of Citizens Bank Park, I can tell you that.

But coming from a Phils fan, I wish this kid can come! The Inquirer says that Peavy could come to Philly and replace the injured Brett Myers. I am hoping deeply that this will happen?

Do you? I hope. And hope is a word that changes everything.

Will Peavy fall to the Phils? Will the Mets bring back Pedro and give some love to him? Will Escobar be a success at shortstop? Find out soon, or stay tuned for another edition of….Big Sports News: MLB Edition!


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