Yo guys, welcome to another edition of Big Sports News. The title says it all, this is a juicy edition in the NFL section of Big Sports News network! So let's go because this is an article you really don't want to miss!

Buffalo Bills v Denver Broncos

Brandon Marshall

Marshall says he wants a raise and Denver isn't listening. Guess what he did? He skipped the voluntary workouts.

So will Marshall end up like Cutler, no, but if he keeps it up, he definitely will!

Marshall wants a new contract and he needs right now!

In other news that is similar, Donald Driver is pretty much doing the same thing. According to the Journal Sentinel, Driver is holding out for more money. Driver says he isn't but he is.

Also, Miles Austin is acting like T.O., except without the mouth, ESPN says. The owner says it all.

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers

Dwayne Jarrett

ESPN says this may be a big year for wide receiver, Dwayne Jarrett. Who has been a bust lately because he has been averaging like ten catches in his last two years and about 100 yards and one touchdown!

Bust, huh? Yep. But Jake Delhomme says that he needs Jarrett this year and is counting on him big time. The USC star hopes to do that and let's see if he does because now it is the time. More at the Charlotte Blog.

Sports - October 15, 2006

Plaxico Burress

More stuff for the I-shot-myself-in-the-leg guy. Some rumors have been going on that the Buccaneers have called Plax last week. It says that Raheem Morris called him and was very interested in bringing him in.

The Tampa Tribune went down into it all.

The Jets are also still interested. If Plax falls with NY, Mark Sanchez would have a big gift, same for Freeman if Plax falls there as well. But will happen? We'll find out as time passes by.

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos

Aaron Kampman

With the Packers moving to a new defense at the 3-4, they have also moved Aaron towards the outside linebacker spot.

Kampman responds that he is very unhappy at what position he is at right now. AP talked about it.

Hope all is well with number 74.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Houston Texans

Chris Simms

Simms is doing much better than Kyle Orton in the team activities, the Denver Post says. They say he is working "extensively."

It's no wonder they signed him during the Jay Cutler hype because they may use Simms. Could it be possible if Simms can be a starter for the Broncos as the season starts.

Get out of here Kyle Orton, there will be a new quarterback for the mile high city, and the quarterback is Chris Simms.

Let's see how he performs.

San Francisco 49ers vs Washington Redskins

Frank Gore

Frank Gore has announced to Goal Posts that he is going to be seeing himself in Miami this year, but not in the Pro Bowl. He said he and his 49ers will be going to the Super Bowl. Well, can they? I don't know but they do have a shot.

With drafting Nate Davis in the fifth round, a potential steal, he could become a possible starter. He was a star out of Ball State and with Frank Gore and newly added Glen Coffee in the running game, the 49ers do have a chance.

And don't forget those receivers: Josh Morgan, Michael Crabtree, Isaac Bruce, and Brandon Jones. Also included, Vernon Davis!

St. Louis Rams  v New England Patriots

Pisa Tinoisamoa

After surprisingly being released from the St. Louis Rams a while ago after leading the team in tackles last year, many teams are interested in the ferocious linebacker.

The New England Patriots were about to sign him but now have changed their mind after signing Paris Lenon.

The Chicago Tribune has reported that the Chicago Bears are interested in linebacker, Pisa Tinoisamoa. Tinoisamoa exclaimed that he was ecstatic that he heard he might be a starter for Chi-Town.

The Bills and Eagles are also interested in him. In other Bears news, the Bears are looking carefully of signing Matt Jones, but they probably might not, the Chicago Tribune also says.

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers

Anquan Boldin

Now it's the moment you have been waiting for. According to the word count, you have passed over 686 words to get here. So let's get to the biggest rumor of the day: Anquan Boldin!

The New York Post claims that a trade might be heating up with Boldin. The Giants have spread interest in Boldin and there probably might be a possible trade. The Boldin to New York trade will be so beneficial, now that Plax is gone and Eli Manning needs a new target, and badly.

ESPN has reported that the Colts have a chance at Boldin. So don't start bashing me because I just found out the rumor. In the past, people always bash me that Boldin might come to Indy. ESPN SAYS THAT, IDIOTS!

ESPN also says that the Colts may need a new receiver with Harrison gone. With Collie and Hall still might need to function for the third spot, why not sign Boldin so Boldin can be at number one, Wayne at two, and Gonzo at three? It might work, but the cap my harm Indy.

Can Anquan Boldin fall to Indy? Will Pisa sign with the Bears? Is Chris Simms a starter for Denver? Find out soon in another edition of Big Sports News: NFL Edition!


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