Written By Mitchell Timp


I was watching NFL Network today and I saw there were no X-rays sent from Brett Favre to the Vikings. That means he won't sign with them.

I cannot believe it! Viking fans, like me, are getting pretty tired of the old troubles at quarterback.

The past few days, I was waking up every morning checking my phone, for sports updates, if Brett Favre signed yet. I already was picturing him in purple and his number four stamped on his back.

Brett Favre is going to be a Hall of Famer and I would like one of those players at the quarterback position.

I would right now like to walk up to Childress and slap him and say $10.5M for Favre.

Favre in purple would almost guarantee you a divisional playoff spot.

Thanks for reading this. This article is part of the CBS Sports gig I am trying out for.


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