Written by Brandon Ribak, creator of Fantasy NBA Zone.
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Every superstar knows that he needs a wing man to win a championship.

Jordan had Pippen, blah blah blah.

LeBron James, at best, has Mo Williams.

Since James is so incredibly good at what he does, he only needs a half decent wing man to end the season with the best record in the NBA.

But making it all the way to the NBA Finals, well, that is another story.

The first two rounds of the playoffs for Cleveland were nothing more than a joke.

The Detroit Pistons were on the verge of absolute destruction and the Atlanta Hawks played worse than a girls' high school junior varsity team.

Once Cleveland made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, they had suddenly hit a brick wall in their jolly voyage to the NBA Finals.

Now down three to two in the series with game six being played in Orlando, it has appeared as if James does indeed need a true wing man (not Mo Williams) to help him advance to the Finals.

I mean come on, the man has scored 39.8 percent of Cleveland's points throughout the five games played and 48.6 percent of the team's total points during the fourth quarter.

The Cavaliers should really change their name to the Cleveland LeBrons.

Even with James playing at his supreme level, the Cavaliers have still managed to find themselves down in the series and in jeopardy of ending their season all together.

Clearly the team is doing something wrong.

When your superstar is scoring nearly half of your points in the final quarter of the game, it is extremely obvious that he is the only one being relied upon to produce on the offensive side of the court.

If James had somebody that he could simply depend on and trust to dish the ball to late in the game, the Cavaliers would be winning the championship this season and James would not be averaging anything near 40 plus points per game.

Since that is not happening this season, James will be forced to continue to drop as many points as he possibly can and remain as the star character in the LeBron James Show Season Finale, which appears on TNT at 8:30 pm tomorrow night.


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