A nice evening at Staples Center is a relaxing spot for celebs, even non-celebs. But usually, courtside seats and front rows are reserved in comfortable fashion, better than the luxurious Hilton or anything of that sort.

After all, it’s Hollywood, where if celebs glimpse in the public, it’s to watch Kobe Bryant put on a scoring spectacle. This is the home of stars, Bryant being one of them, entertaining many in the film business and music life.

When you scope to search for stars in the crowd, not at all is it like looking for Waldo, or seeking to find Oprah for advice. More than anything they are scattered, still easy to spot sitting in the front row.

It’s not too bad identifying some of them, such as Jim Goldstein, whose wardrobe is horrible like TNT’s sideline reporter Craig Sager. Or Aston Kutcher, receiving romantic kisses from Demi Moore a few years ago. Even the time Sean “Diddy” Combs sat courtside, smacking while eating a Big Mac. And in the Denver series, seeing the former sports agent Tom Cruise with a smile was conspicuous.

But none of them stands out or make a frequent appearance like Jack Nicholson, a Lakers mascot who makes a grand entrance dressed in black wearing dark shades. When ever a dramatic scene occurs, he rises from his personalize seat at courtside applauding and galvanizes the crowd.

Not long ago, he wired up the crowd inside for Game 7 of the Lakers-Houston series, dressed in his usually wardrobe. Days that he wore ridiculous purple suits and stylish green hair are obsolete, but attending Lakers games in the regular-season and postseason, isn’t dubious for the enthusiastic fanatic, more of a symbolic mascot than the Laker Girls.

He’s a regular that’s cool, calm and collective. But once an awful call or a non-call isn’t whistled, he morphs and ignites a hissy fit with officials, wearing is YOU-CAN’T-HANDLE-THE-TRUTH face.

Though Nicholson reveals his unfriendly personality, without his electricity, it doesn't feel intense inside. If he is not present to oversee the fans reactions to Kobe Bryant’s magical shooting hysteria, fans become dull and forget to cheer on the Lakers.

When Nicholson attends, impetuous cheering is intact, and there’s no problematic dryness. He defines Lakers tradition, sitting courtside to witness Bryant pull off amazing deeds, which engages high-fiving and greeting from Nicholson.

In the Lakers quest to a 15th title in franchise history, Nicholson, aka Joker, is riding on the journey. Wonder if he ever cashes in his ticket for free tacos, though winning a title is seemingly what he’s focused on more than enjoying a tasteful taco.

Better than Denzel Washington, Kanye West or Rob Lowe, undoubtedly Nicholson is the most famous celeb, the “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” whenever there is woeful officiating. He’s the consummate fan, with uncontrollable trash-talking and indomitable standing ovations, when ever there’s a spectacular play usually from the Black Mamba, whose potent shooting effort compelled Nicholson to stand amazed, clapping during Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Those are indications that he’s the greatest Lakers fan as advertised, flaunting his sporting fascination as a manic, like impersonating the sinister heart of Joker.

Today, he’s still the ominous celeb, giving antagonist stares through his tinted shades worn even on gloomy days or dim lighting inside Staples Center. There’s not a game that passes without Nicholson taken a cozy seat on the court, confident the Lakers could preserve a win.

As long as he continues to come, tradition will remain flawless. Meaning fans will always shout louder and offer standing ovations with Nicholson’s rashness to lead fans into insanity. More than anything, he’s the greatest fan that embraces the game with a humorous behavior.

The Joker lives in Los Angeles, bringing you-can’t-handle-the-truth fervor.


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