If there is anything worth dwelling on, it is not the outrageous fuel prices that are gradually inflating in the midst of economic downtowns. Nor does it have relations with Kobe Bryant winning without Shaquille O’Neal, even if obligated for getting a logic answer.

Masses have blubbered much about Manny Ramirez’s juice bust, which has evolved into controversy, ranking fifth among NL outfielders in All-Star vote-getters.

But with the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Orlando Magic in the Finals Thursday evening, there is a major issue to dwell on nearing the threshold of a compelling series the Lakers are favored and predictable to win in part of last year’s experience that ended in a humiliating collapse, therefore they are pursuing to redeem positive aspects in epic proportion.

A considerable topic worth dwelling on is Phil Jackson. Yes, can he win a big series?

In recent weeks, Jackson inherited criticism, held liable for the Lakers discomfiture. As much as he blasts officiating and preserves enormous fines as an equalizer, verbal blame musters from the media and fans. Coaching could become whether stressful and pestering, if failures thwarts noble prize, a banner and championship parade.

If they aren’t crowned champs in late June, more criticism will besiege Jackson and could pose blamable in the Lakers downfall for the second straight season. It will leave us wondering if he was ever the greatest mastermind of all coaches and the master of nine rings, more than Cleopatra ever owned.

Having nine championships offers details that he happens to be the most fortunate of all coaches, able to guide talented stars in his tenured. And it all started with Michael Jordan, who established arguably the greatest dynasty in sports, leading Chicago to six titles all in one decade under Jackson.

None of it was accomplished without bearing in mind a sturdy supporting cast that produced more alternatives, with an ideal sidekick in Scottie Pippen and the astounding heroics of Steve Kerr to complete captivating last second buckets from long range.

In a civilized time span, Jackson coached superstars with prodigy, excellent poise, and finesse, elaborating a powerful Bulls team amid a historic dynasty.

This winning ritual followed Jackson’s resume, when leaving the urban life behind in Chicago to relocate coaching life with the stardom life in Los Angeles where another dynasty quickly emerged. Luckily, he added three more rings to his historic plateau, again with talented stars leading the way.

As you must realize, coaches can’t win for the time they could only lead and certainly Jackson has done well, bless to guide superb athletes installing championship dominance.

They were considered the best tandem ever, Bryant and O’Neal infused feverish myriad of fans filling in seats at Staples Center as each cultivated into an unbeatable duo, a rebellious twosome dismantled in 2004, when the Lakers traded Shaq to Miami, saving Bryant understanding exactly who was younger, more efficient, and aiming towards prime.

Shame, it wasn’t the main factor to a faltering dynasty, Jackson’s censured each in a book and proclaimed that Kobe wasn’t coachable. It could have being the greatest dynasty, if everything remained peaceful inside the locker room and if chemistry wasn’t abolished.

Not long ago, O’Neal made a rapped song on stage at a nightclub, asking Bryant how his “a---taste,” childish chaos that led to lingering specifics if Kobe could actually preserve a title without Shaq.

But details lingers more for the Zen Master, wondering if Jackson could obtain his 10th title without needing advice from long-time assistant Tex Winter and surpass late legendary coach Red Auerbach as the all-time coaching leader among winning titles.

See, a year ago, Boston ensured their bitter-rivals didn’t set any milestones or win a title, brutally humiliating the Lakers in an unforgivable demolition they are attempting to erase from a ritual agenda of champions. And it couldn’t call for a better time, returning to the Finals for 30th appearance, when they control home court and are fiery with a bitter aftertaste of last year’s disappointing letdown.

It doesn’t mean winning will be an easy assignment, against the krypton and superlative Orlando Magic, who are made up of a physique Superman in the middle with Dwight Howard, standing at merely 6-foot-11, including shooters Rashard Lewis, Rafer Alston, Hedo Turkoglu, who creates a brand of Turkish fever, and solid bench depth from Mickael Piterus.

They all believe they could beat the Lakers, and hamper Bryant’s legacy of winning without the diesel fuel, which will ignite criticism and evidence about his success in big game’s without a prodigious partner transcending dominance.

More than anything, Jackson’s legacy is just as inordinate, in fact greater for a legendary coach with nine titles, all coming within the association, but certainly hasn’t coached as advertised.

Among critics of late, verbal responding to Jackson’s lethargic coaching method of allowing players to soften and set into laziness without applying physical toughness are matching capabilities.

Not all of this was officiating fault, some of the burden goes to Jackson, assuring they are prepared mentally and physically, assuring timeouts are called when things get out of control and coaching with more inspiration and readiness.

Instead Jackson blamed officiating of mistaken calls, never taking fault of inferior proclivity, sitting in a chair on sideline too long before signaling a timeout to reorganize self-confidence and urgency, which intensifies toughness and fortitude, missed so often in the playoffs.

If the Lakers are seeking to seize a golden title, following traditional standards will be Jackson’s decisive approach.

The pressure is on, Zen Master.

Only time will tell if he’s truly the Master.


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