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I will be the first one to say it—I want Jameer Nelson back for the playoffs.

When I first heard rumors going around about Nelson supposedly attempting to make a comeback for the playoffs, I thought to myself, that would be absolutely terrific!

As the days turned into weeks, I finally received some information on OrlandoSentinel.com that General Manager Otis Smith stated that there was no way that Nelson would return this season, regardless of how ahead of schedule he actually is.

My hopes were let down, but one thing that did not let me down was the Orlando Magic.

After advancing to the NBA Finals, news has once again sprung regarding Nelson returning to the court.

From the Orlando Sentinel today:

"Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson looks to be closer to playing as observers said he was flying down the floor, running with the second team in Tuesday's practice.

Teammates are convinced that Nelson is making a return after missing four months of the season."

Stan Van Gundy reported that Nelson looked good after practice today and that he would make a decision after Wednesday's practice in Los Angeles if Nelson will be on the court for game time action.

So now the one question is, will Jameer Nelson's presence on the court make an impact for the Orlando Magic and will this give them a better chance at winning the title?

Nelson has not played since February 19th—more than three months ago, and would obviously not put up the All-Star numbers he did during the regular season.

Could his presence on the floor possibly ruin the tremendous chemistry that the Magic now have between each other, or will he just enhance it to extreme levels?

I mean, how many minutes will Nelson actually play per game, 15 or less?

Could 15 minutes a game actually give the Magic the upper hand in winning the ship, especially with how weak the Lakers are at the point guard position?

Let me know your opinion on this; just comment below.


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