The fierce facial expression are defind as undeceiving, glares that stands for a fierce competitor, not a competitor like LeBron James, but a lethal competitor who practically sets a tone by making an array of surreal shots. He unveils a facial expression that some defines as arrogance, and a wicked attitude.

But it is a decisive standpoint, silencing critic’s who thinks Kobe Bryant can’t win a title without Shaquille O’Neal. Game One of the Finals indeed was a responded statement that the Los Angeles Lakers are well-equipped without the biggest giant to star in a Lakers uniform.

If you're wondering about Bryant’s legacy tarnishing without Shaq, or wondering about his popularity among fans, much wondering could ease out of the equations. For the first time in the postseason, Bryant had an uttermost performance by facilitating and developing a sense of urgency and intensified a fundamentally sound, championship-driven team.

Wearing a fierce Game Face makes victims vulnerable of trouble. Unfortunately, in the Finals, the Orlando Magic poses as victims of Kobe’s pulverizing dominance, an unstoppable feature that is inevitable of hindering, and contesting each unnatural shot is laborious.

After been humiliated in the worst defeat against Boston a year ago, the Lakers refuses to replicate embarrassing collapses. With Kobe as the virtuous leader, the last thing on his mind is another disappointing failure, not only solidifying his legacy.

But for some time, attaining a title without Shaq, infamously tantalized Kobe as the masses discredited and rebuffed applauding him as the greatest player on earth. On this particular night, he was the greatest player on earth, and amplified style and intensity that was never realized.

By talent drifting off in the background, the inadequate weakness in the course of the postseason generated criticism that the Lakers weren’t sturdy enough to apply standard, but instead Team Hollywood fenced adversity and avenged upheaval notions of missing out on the grand prize.

Perhaps, capping an impressive Game Six win in Denver to advance to the Finals for the second straight appearance and 30th trip in franchise history, clearly was the Lakers greatest game in the postseason in which the team dominated resiliently.

On this night, it was Bryant’s fiery shooting, an answer never replied by the Magic, who struggled mightily, not dominating at will as they did against the sensitive LeBron and Cleveland, diminishing a premature puppet show, a marketing promotion that emerged into the Black Mamba vs. Superman Show in a contest that started off dramatic before it turned into a demolition.

As the Lakers were in command, Mr. Amazing grinded his teeth and intensified the crowd in Staples Center. No disastrous letdowns late, just screams echoing from the craziness of the Lakers’ faithful, witnessing a vintage performance and Kobe dominating like no other player on the planet.

So watching him amazingly, gives us an assumption of his serious stare and anxious body language that he is the last player to reckoned with. It has been revealed that Bryant can win without Shaq, even though it’s one win in the refrigerator with the jiggling Jell-O propelling to a 100-75 rout of the Magic. Wow.

So was Cleveland supposed to be here?

No, the Magic matches well against the Lakers. But the brilliancy of Kobe to weave through traffic and score or set up teammates with assists, symbolized his perspective of focusing heavily on adding a 15th championship to a historic franchise consisting of a three-time champ who clenched his teeth, all while energized and poised.

Since the start of the season, Bryant has been bitter and angry, which is a better explanation to why he has much intensity driving the lanes and burying unanswered jumpers at midrange. Unlike last year, the supporting cast has flourished offensively, indicating brilliancy, tenacity and chemistry.

Two of the team’s primary targets of fault were Pau Gasol, whose style presented softness and Lamar Odom, whose candy fetish wasn’t much of a factor, well, it wasn’t revealed. Emotions took over in the second quarter, rhythm raised in the second quarter as exhaustion was never an issue.

No IV’s or rest for Kobe, just more Gatorade during timeouts en route to 40 points, eight rebounds, eight assists nearly capping a triple-double, all while growling as if he was brutally attacking the Magic.

Oh, he did.

Aside from the Lakers fiercest beast, the Magic were silent for the first time in their incredible journey. You can’t blame the Lakers in forcing Dwight Howard, the physical kryptonite, into foul trouble and limiting his double-double capabilities or inside damage.

Nor can you fault Los Angeles for defending the perimeter to limit the shooting ideal of Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turgolou, who never had the Turkish Fever.

There was Jameer Nelson, who was rushed back into the lineup instantly and provided momentum, perhaps not enough to match Kobe’s growling, teeth-grinding heroics an entire night. His pull-up and pop jumpers just finished off the Magic.

Game over.

There is nothing else to see here.

Unless you like The Late-Late Kobe Show.


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