LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers come up short once again.

They lost to the Orlando Magic in six games, and Cleveland remains the city without a championship. The league was buzzing about a LeBron vs. Kobe match up, however, that is non-existent until next year.

Instead, the world is wondering what will LeBron do next year?

Will he stay in Cleveland and try to win as many championships as Kobe and Jordan have?

Or shall he part ways and head to a new organization that will win and make him the global icon?

If James does hit free agency, they're would more than just a few suitors making their way for him.

In the upcoming season, I'm sure you will see big salaries being dumped from franchises, in hopes of making an offer at any of the jackpots that hit the surface next free agency.

The most likely destination people have said? The New York Knicks.

Team president Donnie Walsh has started cleaning out the roster and will continue to do this in the foreseeable future.

While millions in the metropolitan area are getting ready to rake in the party gifts, many don't believe LeBron will go to the Knickerbockers.

James is already making a name for himself in endorsements already in Cleveland and when the time comes when he wins the championship for Cleveland, the man will be set for life.

People also question why he would leave the Cavs for the Knicks—an organization that hasn't produced a winning club in quite some time.

Can he just go to the Knicks and make them a contender?

Suppose he does not, he will be receiving all of the negativity from the media, more than Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees can ever receive.

Yet, playing in the spotlight in the bright lights of the city that never sleeps, right under the Garden, could be tempting.

We do have to remember though, we are forgetting a certain franchise that is coming to New York.

For now, they are called the New Jersey Nets.

The co-owner of the franchise, Jay-Z, decided to move the team to Brooklyn after not receiving the greatest turnout of crowds at the Meadowlands.

In case the average fan hasn't heard, LeBron and Jay-Z are close friends, and if you don't think they have discussed both being in New York, then there is something missing.

Currently, the Nets are building for the future—a future that does look bright. The team is led by Devin Harris, the young point guard who took the stage last year and is continuing his promise of becoming top five in the league.

Their new big man, Brook Lopez, not to mention Ryan Anderson, have also shown some strides in their rookie seasons.

The move to the Knicks may not make sense for some, but coming to Brooklyn, he would be set up for success.

The Nets don't have any huge salary cap issues right now, and Vince Carter is soon on his way out of Jersey.

LeBron would team up with a future top caliber point guard, a solid big man, and a young nucleus of role players who would help contribute. We don't know what the next future draft classes will bring, but I'm sure they will be great.

Besides, who is going to go to Brooklyn to see the Nets?

Being a life-long Nets fan has run in my family, and the interest will stay the same.

But if LeBron James decides to come to Brooklyn with Jay-Z, the show will be ready to begin and success with the Nets franchise is only a short distance away.

Matt Miselis is a writer for bleacherreport.com and sportschatplace.com He also contributes to MVN.com, and footbasket.blogspot.com


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