Brett Favre is surely going to be the on the Minnesota Vikings roster, now that he is gotten surgery on his throwing shoulder and a Vikings assistant will be coming to Favre to do some workouts with him to help his shoulder.

So, you get it: Favre will obviously be on the Vikings roster, no doubt.

I don't know what's next for Favre after he leaves Minnesota, because he will after one year and go on to these teams.

So here's my question to all of you fans for the NFL team in the purple uniform: why would you want a losing-his-luster quarterback like Brett Favre for one year, when you can get an improving quarterback like Tarvaris Jackson for many years to come?

Why Brad Childress, why?

Have you seen what Favre has done with the Jets. When the Jets were at an 8-3 record last year, they went 1-4 after that. In that span of five games in which Favre didn't play well, you could see him just throwing the ball up in the air.

It turned out he didn't look like having fun, not one single bit. He was just playing with negative attitude. And you know the saying in sports that you have to bring "ten percent effort and ninety percent attitude?"

Well, Favre was zero percent in both of those categories, to be honest.

There's no point of having Brett Favre. Sure, he will be pretty good but he might be ruining his legacy if he comes to Minnesota. He's already a Hall-of-Famer, what's the point of keep playing.

I know, Joe Gibbs did that when he was a coach, but that's coaching man! That's coaching!

Brett Favre might as well play for all 32 NFL teams. But there is some good bringing Favre to Minnesota. A good writer on this site (one of my favorites), James Williamson, has said something that was very interesting if Favre came to Minnesota.

Williamson observed that Favre will be the first ever quarterback in NFL history to beat all 32 NFL teams!

Pretty sweet, huh?

But seriously, that's not the point!

Now you'll see Sage Rosenfels swapping faces. If you don't get what I am saying, please take a look.

But also, what's the point having Rosenfels, too?

You all remember his helicopter hurdle against the Indianapolis Colts last year that cost Houston the win (And Schaub's smiling face. His face when Rosenfels fumbled is priceless!).

And Rosenfels second battle against the Colts when he costs Houston a win (again) when he was looking for a receiver and then just decided to throw right at Colts' safety, Melvin Bullit.

Rosenfels will create a problem in Minnesota, I guarantee it (don't go Joe Namath now!). But here is what the Vikings should do:


That's right. Use T-Jax. Tarvaris will be the man for Minnesota, he will. Well, that's what I think. Sure, he wasn't successful in his first two years, having a total of eleven touchdowns and 16 touchdowns.

But in his third year, after being on the bench, learning from a veteran in Gus Frerotte who became the starter. But then, Frerotte got injured and then here came Jackson who everyone doubted.

In one game in which I believe was against the Arizona Cardinals, Jackson had a spectacular game by throwing for four touchdowns while having 163 yards and an amazing 135.5 quarterback rating.

He also had a great game before that, throwing for 105 yards with one touchdown for a 143.8 quarterback rating.

Solid, huh?

In his last four games of the 2008 season, Jackson's lowest quarterback rating was 88.5 in that four-game span. Here's what his total was during those four games:

740 passing yards, eight touchdowns and one interception for a 116.5 quarterback rating.

Now those are very good stats. You can't disagree there. And all of that happen after being benched from learning from Frerotte.

Jackson had 1,056 passing yards, nine touchdowns and two interceptions for a 95.4 quarterback rating.

Jackson is a solid quarterback.

But he needed to be benched so he could learn better and not take so much criticism. With the 2008 season closing, the Vikes looked like they couldn't make the playoffs with Frerotte out and T-Jax in.

They did, though.

Sure, Jackson didn't win his first playoff game but not everyone does when they go for the first time. The only person I know has done that is probably Tom Brady, no one else. Peyton Manning didn't get it.

Not everyone gets their first playoff win. People expect too much out of Tarvaris Jackson. You have to give him time, this kid has a future. And with the pick of Percy Harvin, the Jackson can have more helpful guys to throw to.

And Jackson is ready now. I observed something. Here's what happened in the first three games Jackson played in, before being benched from the veteran of Gus Frerotte:

316 passing yards, one touchdown and one interception for a 77.4 quarterback rating.

Now if you scroll up, you'll see a major difference between when he started his first three games without learning from a veteran quarterback and the stats after he was benched by a veteran quarterback.

Big ass difference.

Jackson is ready and could be a star from years to come. No Rosenfels or Favre.

Tarvaris Jackson is here to stay.

So Vikings fans, what would you have: An old quarterback who will only stay with the team for one year and will only come to the Vikings to bring revenge on his old team or bring in a quarterback who is detirmened and will be a great quarterback for years to come?

You decide, and the time is...now!

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