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The Los Angeles Lakers have to pick between Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom to whom to sign and whom to go into free agency. Pardon the Interruption says that the Lakers should pick Trevor Ariza instead of Odom. Many people on the Internet say so as well.

And guess what?

The possibility of that happening is positive, so really, it's going to happen. And right now, the Pacers' bell should be ringing. They have to think about bringing in this wonderful kid, who just won his first NBA Championship.

And there may be a possible chance of him winning it again if he falls with the Pacers. With such superstars like T.J. Ford, Brandon Rush, Danny Granger, Jeff Foster, Marquis Daniels, Mike Dunleavy, Roy Hibbert, and Troy Murphy, it's time to bring in a new face to the team.

And the kid's name is Lamar Odom.

The Pacers have spread interest in Odom before in the 2007-2008 season when Jermaine O'Neal was at his worst in his career with Indiana. The Pacers were interested in Odom at the starting of the 2006-2007 season.

There were many trade rumors swirling that the Pacers would trade J.O. for L.O. And I actually thought it would happen, but I didn't want one of my idols to leave my favorite team for good. He did.

The Pacers traded Jermaine O'Neal to the Toronto Raptors for the fastest player in the NBA, T.J. Ford. Although T.J. Ford isn't a superstar point guard (just an above average one), he became a quick star with the Pacers, having career-highs in many categories.

But however, the Pacers could have went after a much better player in Lamar Odom. The Lakers would have agreed to the deal if they traded J.O. for Odom. Odom has all the skills. He has the size to take advantage of people with his 6'11" frame. He also can shoot as I have seen him hit big shots like shots from behind and above the arc.

He's pretty much like Troy Murphy, who has the same exact size and can do the same thing. But Odom is a thousand times better at it. And it's true, and hopefully, I think many of you agree with me on that.

When the O'Neal for Odom rumors spread, both players felt pretty happy actually going to a new home. Odom said he was, but not much of O'Neal, who was the heart and soul of the team at the time. People then expected too much out of him as they thought of Kobe Bryant with the Lakers.

I think Odom can fit very well with the Pacers squad. And when the Pacers sign him, I think they can be the team to beat as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, and Detroit Pistons chase after them to lead the division. Odom can make a very big difference, for sure.

The Pacers have struggled with rebounding. But with Odom on the team, I think they can be pretty successful. As watching some Pacers games on FSN, I have seen the Pacers go shoot for the long ball (many people dig it), and when one of the Pacers' shooters don't make it, no one is up at the rim to compete for the rebound.

And with Odom in, I think the Pacers will have a new lineup. A more improved one as well. I think they'll change completely as they probably might start Ford at point guard, Granger as shooting forward, Rush at shooting guard, Odom at Power Forward, and they think about putting Roy Hibbert as a starting center maybe.

It'll be a much different team, but a much better team as well. And every Indy fan will love that, wouldn't they? I think it's time to change, and the Pacers should.

The Pacers had three chances at getting Odom:

  1. Trading T.J. Ford for Odom
  2. Trading Jermaine O'Neal for Odom
  3. Trading Ron Artest for Odom
Now they can't waste their fourth opportunity, which may be their last. It's time to bring him in.

Bring in the candy-obsessed Odom, because he can make a huge difference. And with him on the team, an NBA Finals title may be inching closer and closer by the second. And no one would take down that chance, would they?

I bet not.

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