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It wasn't really a pretty game for the Philadelphia Phillies. They looked to hand down the Red Sox at home in Citizen's Bank Park. After a successful road trip and being the number one team in the MLB on the road, the Phillies weren't the team for home. They fell to 12-15 at home while Boston improves to 16-16 on the road as the BoSox slaughtered the Phillies, 5-2, in a 13-inning match-up.

I wouldn't particularly call it a "slaughter" but I just like to put things in my own "fancy" way. But as you can see right here, it's a slaughter:

Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Jayson Werth combined to go 0-for-15 with six strikeouts in the loss.
But I am not done yet, take a look at this as well:

The Red Sox are now 12-2 against the Phillies in their last 14 meetings.
See? So if you look at it that way it you would technically call it a slaughter. But there was much more to this "slaughtering loss." And this recap will explain it all:

Boston Red Sox's Jon Lester was magnificent on Friday as he did something that only two other pitchers have done. From ESPN Stats:

Jon Lester became the first pitcher since Johan Santana and John Lackey to go three straight starts with six innings pitched, 10-plus strikeouts and one run or less allowed.
Pretty good, huh? I think so. Reporters, journalists, and even bloggers were making such a fuss over this. Then came Jason Varitek, who joked this to the Associated Press: "Did he pitch tonight?"

So, you can see what happened.

This was a matchup between division leaders, and Boston showed they were the bigger leader of the pack.

"Lester was so good," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said.

Well, duh. He allowed only one run and two hits, but screw that, he struck out eleven guys in seven innings. Now that is what I am talking about. He also retired 18 out of the 19 batters he faced. Okay, I have to stop acting like a BoSox fan because I hate them so much. But they did so good that day.

The Phillies could have won this easily. It all started out in the second inning with Pedro Feliz's hit to make Raul Ibanez score. The Phils were up, 1-0, but then the Sox tied the game in the fourth and took the lead in the fifth inning when J.D. Drew homered to the left. The Sox were up, 2-1.

The Phillies were down. But then Ryan Howard saved the day when he homered to the right to tie the game at two. After that, it was all the Red Sox and they saved the day for themselves after ending everything in the 13th inning, scoring three runs.

It was all over, 5-2.

The Phillies look to face the Red Sox today and look to return and bring on revenge. Watch out BoSox, the Phils will strike. They came close, but screwed it up.

So here we are today, as the Phils look to strike at the Red Sox.

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