It wasn’t a mirage transpiring in Staples Center Thursday night.

But it was Kobe Bryant as Kryptonite, stealing Dwight Howard’s cape directly off his back with bitter facial expressions, a game face that symbolized a serious Kobe.

I remind you, this is the same Bryant ridiculed by hostile fans and Shaquille O’Neal, taking all the criticism while giving evidence to hate out on the court. He sent a message to the entire nation and world, when the facial features became intimidating, undeniable, and intense.

Minus slobbering, Kobe was too potent and energized to cease a furious growl, showing his teeth in the greatest acting scene at Hollywood.

That’s a scary thought for the Orlando Magic, who doesn’t match up well against the Lakers.

It was logical to believe so, entering this series.

It seems the greatest player on Earth lives at Lakerland, the happiest place on Earth Thursday night. As fans jumped out of their seats as they constantly stood to witness captivating, hard-to-believe shooting proficiency from Mr. Amazing, the superb superhero; out-shining the prodigious Superman.

Wonder if Kobe will give us another inside view of his hungry teeth that bit the Magic, who have encountered the most dominant athlete. Kobe is tedious to bear, difficult to slow down, and impossible to stop his focus as he goes for his fourth title. But first, he needs three more wins.

From the bitter stare, dominant eyes, and teeth-grinding Kobe will finally silence critics who haven’t quit bothering him with harsh remarks, and hostile chants that were different from customary chants shouted “MVP, MVP, MVP”. And if he continues to dominate this series with a fierce-minded behavior, he will be named Most Valuable Player likely.

During the three-peat, Kobe always was in the shadows of Shaq, who won the noble award after each title. This is a moment Kobe could ascend his legacy, shutting the talkative and offensive mouths of Shaq’s and irreconcilable fan.

Perhaps the controversial freestyle rap of that sort of was out of line when Shaq literally taunted Bryant, asking him how his “a—taste.”

Some still haven’t moved on, raving over the shocking news from a few years ago when Bryant's named surfaced with rape charges in Colorado, dismissed from a turmoil predicament that shattered his popularity a bit.

But much of his fame is back into the spotlight, especially after a brilliant and explosive night, producing 40 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in 38 minutes.

Black Mamba outlasted Superman. So who’s more Kryptonite?

For much of the night, faltering shooting struggles kept the Magic on a freeze. And defensively, effort slumped as Mickael Pietrus had trouble dropping in shots, but more noticeably had problems stopping Bryant.

Arguably, Pietrus is the best defensive player on the Magic, but it tells us how explosive Bryant was, defining to the world that he still ranks above LeBron James for a few reasons.

He’s more mature. Experience and well-rounded shooting and driving, getting to the line, a strategy that Bryant executed efficiently, the Magic never answered. Before you knew it, the game was dictated by the Lakers, on Bryant’s sizzling effort en route to unforeseen 100-75 drubbing.

It was all started by a scoring masterpiece that no one can do better than Mr. Amazing.

Much has been made about the Lakers as a soft team. But this time everyone’s presence served was an assistance. The two big men in the front court contributed after taking criticism from the fans and media on their insufficiency in the middle as if they were giants running scared.

Pau Gasol, who has been reliable in the postseason, dominated the paint consistently. Andrew Bynum fueled things offensively, energized immediately into the game with early scoring.

Meanwhile, Dwight Howard didn’t make a good impression in Hollywood, never producing a dramatic movie seen of Superman heroics, getting fewer shots and missed most.

Bryant’s shot attempts and incredible shot making emphasized that the Magic are in for a long series.

Honestly, they aren’t prepared for Kobe’s takeover.


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