Another big loss to the world. First there was Michael Jackson, then there was Steve McNair, and now here we are with Arturo Gatti.

All of these deaths happened in somewhat of a matter of weeks, which is certainly something many people on the face of the Earth should literally be extremely surprised about.

Gatti was only 37 years old when he died.

Now the police are investigating how he died in his rented condo at Brazil.

Police say his wife may have been suspect. Police say she probably used her purse to strangle the man we called “Thunder.” Her purse had blood stains and so did the ground.

A good friend of Gatti said that he and his wife were having problems and were about to separate. Gatti’s one-year-old son wasn’t injured in the this sad incident.

Gatti was 40-9 in his career and will always be remembered as a true warrior to many boxing fans. He was an idol and will never give up in any fight, no matter what happened.

With Gatti dead, he most certainly won’t be forgotten as a player, and a person alone.

R.I.P. Arturo Gatti, 1972-2009

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