They were long past the lovable and sympathetic reactions, refusing to greet the celeb/soccer guru once admired all over the entire world and was a main attraction that drew attention in America.

But our country will always describe soccer as a condemned sport, and we will always neglect futbol to keep track of our football, leading up to our national holiday, which is the Super Bowl.

When David Beckham arrived here, pampered and anointed by the fans as if he was the greatest celeb, red carpets were laid out and local paparazzi were constantly heckling to take the best snapshots of Beckham and his famous wife. But the arrival even indicated higher marketing and captivation among fans that were careless of the sport.

As usual, arriving to America prompted fans to purchase merchandise and sell out the Home Depot Center to witness one of the world’s highest profile star athletes. Much of it comes from Beckham’s celeb personality and gorgeous features that has enabled him to stand out as one of the world’s sexiest athletes.

Sure enough, Beckham migrating to Europe is the preferred alternative, when taunting gestures and boos indicated he isn’t wanted in America.

No thanks.

Now, he is abused by disgruntled and perturbed fans for leaving the Los Angeles Galaxy to sign a half-season deal with a potent AC Milan. For doing such a thing, it invoked criticism and caused fans to erupt into bitter feelings, as Beckham is now described as a trader and backstabber.

Either way you vision this absurd annoyance and complication, Beckham only came here for publicity and money, influencing the MLS to go out of there way in expenses to pacify his wishes of playing in America. It was a waste of publicity and hype that took spotlight away from Kobe Bryant, in a town fans wear purple and gold to salute the Lakers and celebrate champs.

Welcoming in Beckham started as a lovable Hollywood tale, and an America soccer tale. He was the country’s strategy for fixating an unpopular sport, and came here to elevate the game to a different level by captivating our interest. Still, he never really grasped our attention, and instead affirmed how fast things can alter in two years.

From glory to agony and from tribute to humiliation, Beckham saw his acceptance and athletic adoration frail. In fact, at one point, he was at the top of the world in marketing by promoting his cologne in department stores, and even posed in photos while wearing underwear to advertise his products.

Finally, it has reached the last of Beckham and fame has obliterated. Citizens of America, no longer cares where Beckham leaves to as long as he wave goodbye to our land of the free.

In other words, barbaric fans in attendance delivered examples on Sunday night in his home debut. On a daunting night, they booed him badly, weaving bleak banners and kissing goodbye, insults that divulges we don't care. It sort of felt as if a minor riot transpired into a dismal scene, when fans stormed onto the field to harass Beckham.

No longer treated as a global soccer star or engrossed as the game’s premier free kicker, he was perplex and obviously was scrutinized as a selfish sham. Security had to move swiftly to forestall altercations from escalating into a melee, and to protect Beckham from any harmful antics.

All this developed, simply for Beckham’s selfish and egocentric ways. As time advanced, gradually, his image and loyalty diminished and he became futile and a disappointment to the Galaxy, which heated up a feud among Beckham and his predominant and U.S. national star, Landon Donovan as the outspoken criticism led to friction in a new book called The Beckham Experiment.

See, right now isn’t a good time for him to be standing on our soil or living the Hollywood lifestyle. More scrutiny and criticism is heard by fans and players, pleading for Beckham to leave and stay in Europe where he feels more committed than in the MLS.

For a player who hasn’t been committed, Beckham was earning exceptional profit. In any other country a contract worth $32.5 million, not including that he could have easily made up to $250 million over five years isn’t as luxurious or blessing as coming to America.

Yes, we are in an economic crisis. But Beckham had it made and fans supported him as if he was the biggest hero to travel into our patriotic world.

Wondering about his professionalism and class as a sports figure, he illustrated it when he walked out and quit on the Galaxy. You can compare Beckham to Manny Ramirez a bit, for when he quit playing efficiently with Boston.

With a self-centered attitude about winning, finances or even fame, creates baggage and ruins chemistry, just as he has done to the Galaxy. This sabotage spirit and makes people here dislike soccer even more than before.

As we know it, Beckham needs to leave. There’s no better time than now, after he was been mistreated and giving hints that it's time to return to Europe and finish off his career. Just like he doesn’t care, we don’t either, trying to grasp a solution to avoid Beckham’s annoyance that was blown out of proportion ever since he arrived.

When he first came, he was elated, but he is not disappointed as he mentioned after the game that he expected unpleasant greetings by discontent fans. It is also obvious Donovan was discontent of Beckham and the two was feuding, of which neither were speaking.

Their problems continued to divide them, when Beckham felt miserable playing on the team and alongside Donovan. As you know, he never was anxious about returning to Los Angeles, willing to letdown the people who anxiously credited him as the greatest soccer players.

Rather than applauding, the taunting crowd provoked Beckham to retaliate, frustrating him when he hurled a corner kick that created the tying goal to even the score at 2-2 all. Instead of celebrating and leaving the corner, he started taunting the fans and exchanged a few words in an altercation.

He still believes that he has never done anything wrong, when a blind person can tell the different. He was only making excuses, to give us a different perspective.

Beckham thinks since he promoted the sport that he lifted soccer in America. Oh, really? Well if he believes the sport is more interesting, I guess he can leave.


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