Sources were told that Hedo Turkoglu, who recently opted out of a contract with his former team (Orlando Magic), says that he is going to play for the Toronto Raptors and tear up the deal that was going to be made with the Portland TrailBlazers.

"Yipee!" will be shoutout from many fans of the Raptors, I believe. But I believe there is no point "Yipee-ing," because the Raptors are NOT going to have success next year coming into the 2009-10 season.

Why? I'll tell you why.

This is the talk, the NBA talk that is.

"Portland did everything we asked them to do, and they would be justified if they feel aggrieved. He [Hedo Turkoglu] simply decided Toronto was a better fit," said Turkoglu's agent, Len Bobby.

ESPN.com said that Turk looks to make $53M on a five-year contract.

Although he would have made more money if he had signed Portlant, but however, Turkoglu had more people that were…well Turkish...in Toronto. Turkoglu also had wanted to play in the Eastern Conference still as he'd love to play against his former team, who just added Vince Carter via trade.

It was also reported that Turkoglu always wanted to play in a city of Toronto with a larger population, like I said, of Turkish people. It is exciting to see the move but there won't be success in the 2009-10 season.

Although you may say they can be successful with the players they have but I believe a very positive chance of Anthony Parker and Shawn Marion that they'll not be coming back to play for the Raptors.

A source at ESPN.com shows a story that Toronto are moving farther away from a deal with Shawn Marion. And as I was looking at ESPN's Anthony Parker profile, it showed in the status note that with Turkoglu in, Parker may not be coming back as well.

Probably the only person that maybe coming back that ESPN mentioned out of these three players (which would be Parker, Marion, and the next person that'll be named is coming up) is Carlos Defino who averaged nine points per game last year with Toronto.

Carlo Defino looks to start shooting guard maybe which probably makes Hedo Turkoglu coming in at small forward probably. Here's what the depth chart may probably look like coming into next year in the 2009-10 season:

PG: Jose Calderon

SG: Carlos Defino/DeMar DeRozan

SF: Hedo Turkoglu

PF: Chris Bosh

C: Andrea Bargnani

It looks pretty good but I just don't expect Toronto be successful. Sure, it's a good lineup but the rotation isn't very strong as the backups may not be aggressive at all. It is a nice one-two punch with Turk and Bosh, but seriously, this may Bosh's last year or a trade might coming this off-season maybe.

The backups on Toronto's roster average no more than about five points per game. It's not very strong at you'll be seeing Turk and Bosh playing a lot more minutes than you'll see as usual.

Sure, the stats will probably be much higher as Turkoglu may be the face of the team now that Bosh probably might not claim the title anymore. But here's the thing, Toronto probably may just end up like the Cavs last year if they make the playoffs.

They make the playoffs next year but that's it. They may not even pass the first round, or to put it in another way, there is no playoff title for next year at all. With the stars Toronto has had in the past, none of them have been successful to lead their team to post-season.

Sure, a little help from their first round draft pick, DeMar DeRozan, can help but for this year?

Hell no.

And look at the teams they'll have to face next year in their division: Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, and New York Knicks. If Toronto was only one game better than New York this year, and the Knicks probably might be a better team this year as well, how can Toronto pass any of the other teams in the conference.

They'll suffer some painful losses from the Boston Celtics, I can tell you that, because they'll destroy the Raptors. It'll just be Turkoglu and Bosh against all. And with the some solid players they had last year, there was no success.

How can they have success this year with not as many solid players (count that two)?

It'll just be impossible to have success next year. And there won't be. The 2010-11 season may be worse as Bosh will be gone I bet. The Raptors looking at a long road...towards unsuccess.

And Hedo Turkoglu is just the start with the hell in making.

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