The Phillies earned their eighth straight win after defeating the Florida Marlins today, 5-0. The game was postponed yesterday after a rain delay. Nothing was going good for Philly yesterday, and as Mike said it, nothing happened.

With the Phillies winnning, so did pitcher J.A. Happ, allowing only five hits in a course of over seven innings. ESPN reports that this is the longest winning streak for the Phillies since 2006 in which they won nine in a row. The Phillies have also outscored the Marlins in this series, 49-18, so that's something to be proud about for the 2008 World Series champions.

The Phillies are still number one in the league in road wins with a record of 29-15 after this one. The Phillies are also seven games ahead of Florida in the NL East, which makes things all good.

Also, along with Happ's win, he leads the NL Rookies in wins this year. His ERA stand a 2.68 and he is definitely improving, certainly no doubt about that.

The Phillies go on towards a three-game series against the Chicago Cubs tomorrow as it'll an exciting matchup as both teams look to play tough against each other. Ted Lilly is expected to start for Chi-Town while Rodrigo Lopez will be coming in with a hot arm in Philly.

Stay tuned for the game a 7:05 PM.

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