Well this sucks....

Well this sucks....

ESPN.com has reported that the extension offers made to 31-year-olds, Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson, have been rejected. So I guess I was wrong about reporting of them coming back. Well, shame on me.

It was said that the offers to both Sanchez and Wilson were so low that there was no point of them negotiating unless there was more money stackin’.

“We’ve not received a counter at his point, so for our minds, they’re not interested even in the foundation we’ve laid,” Pirates general manager, Neal Huntington told ESPN.com . “Typically in a negotiation you get a counter offer and that’s how conversations continue, and we haven’t gotten that.”

So it is pretty clear that the Pirates may not have Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson returning to the squad, and with the trade deadline coming up in less than two weeks, it’s best the Pirates should do something quick now.

It looks like these upcoming days are going to be interesting. Certainly for many of us Pirates fans I believe as well.

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