Sometimes journalist can ask some of the weirdest things, expecting sports figures to respond to outlandish queries and put them on the spot to wait for responses to build upon a headline.

This gives journalism a bad name, at times, corrupting mainstream media from the unordinary comments made during press conferences. Before, the media was more private and courteous of athletes, asking merely legit questions on adjustments, tactics and statics.

Perhaps, we tend to take matters too far, immersing into their private lives and forgetting about what happens in the game or preparations for the upcoming season. Recently, at SEC media day, Tim Tebow became a victim of inappropriate questioning about virginity when a Fanhouse reporter, Clay Travis, impetuously asked a contentious question and stunned Tebow with a surprise.

Assuming he wouldn’t be offended by publicly been implored to reveal his sexual culture, the reporter still should have had inkling to understand it could have affronted his religious principles or even insulted his pride.

Was it inappropriate?


And now that the entire world knows Tebow is a virgin and will save his virginity for marriage, nobody cared, until a curious reporter decided to ask. By now, people know Tebow as a religious citizen, whose spiritual faith is more prioritized than football, girls and sexual activity.

Tebow doesn’t go a day without sending thanks to the dear lord by pointing to the sky and worshiping the lord in interviews.

Guess, Tebow set a historic mark, and it wasn’t by hurling an erratic jump pass for an extraordinary game-winning catch, but it was from getting hit with eccentric interrogation to be put in a tough predicament that was inevitable of answering.

Quite often, players are caught in a dilemma that is hard avoiding, rather if that is replying to a commit or heavy criticism.

But, in recent memory, nothing this abnormal has been publicized, of which Tebow became the first college athlete in the country who was obliged to succumb to a secretive concept.

Alright, so he’s a virgin, and so what. I’m sure in our country a 40-year virgin exists, neither which foreshadows that Tebow isn’t alone nor the youngest to be characterized as a virgin.

Some things just aren’t anyone’s business, and in this case, Tebow refusing any sexual intercourse is precise. A great aspect about our country is liberty. Only if he abides by the law, Tebow can study any religious practice and wait eternally for sexual connections.

Still, each time, he is maturing into a brilliant and generous gentleman, able to handle plights with sophisticated dignity.

There are players who are speechless and startled, whenever a journalist utters something insipid or perplexing to react on. Your typical athlete, particularly on the college level normally, shies away from or asks to move forward in media sessions, irritating them when confronted on secluded issues.

Given his experience and development, Tebow is polite and respects the media, referring to reporters as “sir” and “ma’am” and closes with “please” and “thank you.” Just to be a bit more specific, he says god bless to everyone sitting in the press room.

So when, the reporter asked him to elaborate about his virginity, Tebow approached the challenging realm with class and dignity. Similar to when he took accountability with a sincere speech as tears rolled down his face, emotionally apology to Gators fans on the disappointing and embarrassing letdown against Mississippi.

Aside from his astounding passes and explosive stamina to bulldoze defenders standing in his way, Tebow touches people’s hearts all over, defining humanity. Basically he has become a good role model, in fact the best role model in all of sports.

He’s a valuable and positive influence in our society, someone you wouldn’t mind having your children around. He ecstatic people differently, but either way, Tebow always put smiles on faces. Children and troubled inmates who are in despair, in hospitals and prisons, he opens the bible and prays with inmates and circumcises children in the Philippines.

To consider Tebow the biggest role model in sports, an immaculate team leader and charitable worker who is trying to make a change in all parts of the world, pretty much describes a virtuous mentor. He’s the greatest player to come along and make a name in the sports world.

If there is a player who can cure society and sports, it is Tebow. If there is one player who can erase horrific scandals in baseball, involving Alex Rodriguez appearing on a list of 104 players to test positive for steroids and Manny Ramirez failing baseball’s drug policy from using a fertility drug to produce testosterone, it is Tebow.

If there is one player who can cure the NFL of players who are liable while driving drunk or even place grotesque dog fighting shame in the back of our minds, it is Tebow.

Since he has stayed away from legal documents, police officers and prison cells, Tebow has never done anything foolish or allowed negative behavior to publicly make it onto airwaves. Clearly, he has stepped up as a role model, when most of us were conceived that Michael Vick, who funded a football camp for children, was an epitome.

No, he brutally murder dogs.

Most of us felt the same about Alex Rodriguez, who was an idol to many children. Incorrect, he created an anonymous story and was caught using performance enhancers, something called boili. What?

Most of us imagined Manny Ramirez was the world’s biggest role model, until his name was released and became the biggest scandal in sports.

By going to college in Gainesville, FL you will find an innocent paragon who plays the game with integrity and respects everyone as normal people and praises the lord.

Notice Tebow is a matured citizen and discussed the latest question thrown at him as a professional, responding to something many players wouldn’t had known how to explain or avoid statements at a press conference.

He always divulges a genuine attitude and wears a smile, sharing sensible gratitude with our society. Tebow is immensely committed to Christianity, humbled, inspired and beloved by many from all over the world.

In which, it wasn’t as much of public matter, when many admires and respects him. But it was a bad question in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Personally, this is Tebow’s business if he plans on saving himself until marriage. Not our personal concern on how he accepts to live and personal beliefs he practices. Just know it was erroneous to ask about someone’s personal awareness.

Now unimportantly, we know Tebow is a virgin when it really isn’t our concern.


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