Hoosier Nation says that the Indiana Hoosiers senior players plan not to make mistakes coming in the 2009-10 College Football season for Indy and the Big Ten.

As John Decker said from the Hoosier Nation source, coach Bill Lynch wants to make surprises and give the Hoosiers something to deal with, which would be adversity.

The Hoosiers will be facing some tough teams like Akron and Michigan next year, but even though they are, they can handle the game out and you never know, they probably might win against those two teams.

Junior quarterback Ben Chappell when the Hoosiers went through adversity, they did have a big empty hole missing in their team. I couldn't agree more. The Hoosiers fell to 3-9 last year after going 7-5 a year before that and having an Insight Bowl appearence against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, eventually losing 49-33.

The Hoosiers look to be much better this year, and look to have a much better record than 3-9. They also may be a surprise team this as well, proving that The Ozone was wrong about their predicted record that the Hoosiers will go 2-8.

But can the Hoosiers survive without their two offensive playmakers from last year of Marcus Thigpen, who went to the NFL, and Kellen Lewis, who is permanently uninstalled from the team? It's going to be tough but with defensive guys like Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton, I think the Hoosiers can possibly be alright.

“Last year there were young guys and some were leaders, but we were leaving it to the seniors to really push the team,” said senior Jammie Kirlew. “Some seniors did, but I don’t think there were enough of them to get the team going in the right direction.”

The Hoosiers have been training hard right now, doing more workouts, more stuff in the weight room, and many others. The Hoosiers could be contenders in the Big Ten, but the chances will be slim. Their defense will be strong but their offense will be a bit of a concern most probably. There is brightness to look into next year, and if the Hoosiers can shine some light with the fans in Memorial Stadium, I think they can be okay.

“We’ll see what happens this year when we face a little adversity,” Chappell said.

And probably "goodness" will happen.


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