It has been reported that Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has been fined $5,000 for wearing an orange chinstrap during a preseason game. Ochocinco was furious with this outcome. He said things like it was bullshit and saying that he will sue the National Football League.

In the NFL Rules, it says that you have to wear a helmet with a chin strap (white only). See that? White only! But I think it is kind of retarded because come on, you can use whatever chinstrap you want. Who gives a freaking damn of what the color is, it doesn't make any kind of difference for hell's sake.

I agree with Ochocinco, this truly is f**king ridiculous. In his three preseason games, Chad has six catches for 151 yards. He had a big disappointment year last season, but he looks to improve if Carson Palmer stays healthy for the whole season this year.

And anyways, all Chad was trying to do was add a little flare. Yes, I know Chad, WTF it is.


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