Hey guys, this is my new column which is entirely dedicated to the Indiana Hoosiers athletics team. I will be doing this every week and I hope you guys enjoy this. I am also probably going to be a featured columnist for the Indiana Hoosiers football team. I hope you enjoy!

Scrimmage Hosted Along with Autograph Session

The Hoosiers had held their final scrimmage of the 2009 preseason, along with an autograph session to keep the fans jubilant. According to IUHoosiers.com, the scrimmage showed the number one offense and defense against each other, and same thing with the number two offense and defense. The third-team did a seven-on-seven drill and did a couple of plays.

The Hoosiers have completed 20 practices in the preseason with nine more practices to go. The Hoosiers will play against Eastern Kentucky on September 3, which is on a Thursday. IUHoosiers.com says this is the first Thursday game in Memorial Stadium's history. This is going to be exciting.

Bob Knight Enters IU Hall of Fame

After so many occasions of rage, anger, and a bit of stupidity (I mean with the anger part for stupidity), Bob Knight has entered the IU Hall of Fame. One of my favorite moments with this man was him throwing a chair onto the basketball court, like it shows here in this nice, black-and-white photo.

It's great to see him go into the Hall of Fame. For more of this, go to Hoosier Nation. At the end of the article, you'll find the hyperlink of the whole story. Bob Knight enters the IU Hall of Fame along with Jerry Yeagley, Steve Downing, Katrin Koch, Mike Rabold, Joe Norman, and Alan Somers. Great job Mr. Knight, you definitely deserve it!

Doss and Belcher Look to Make a Difference Next Year

I just read an amazing story from the Indiana Daily Student. They talked about wide receivers Tandon Doss (top, number 81) and Damarlo Belcher (bottom, number 88) look to be great with the receiving corps this year with IU. Everyone is expecting the team's receiving corps to be amazing and the one for ages, even Doss does as well:

“Everybody’s always talking about how good our receivers are,. think we probably have the best receiving corps right now Indiana’s ever had.”

Belcher and Doss have been performing very well with the team. They are the ones in the lead to take the starting spots in the receiving squad.

“There’s a lot of competition,” Belcher told IDS. “Everybody’s fighting for their spot.”

This year looks to be a big year for Indy and I just can't wait for the season to get kicked off on Thursday, September 3, in which they take on Eastern Kentucky.

If Belcher and Doss can have good consistency, it's going to be tough for the opponent's defense. Says Belcher:
“This year, I’m working on it. I’m getting better.”

And if he is getting better, so is Indy.


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