Why in the hell are people hating on Tarvaris Jackson, especially those Minnesota Vikings fans out there? Vikings fans, why are you being so negative on your quarterback? If you say something negative, something negative is going to happen. If you say something positive about T-Jack, then yes, he'll most probably have a good performance.

I hate when people hate on Jackson, I absolutely do. It's no wonder a CFL team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, have added him to their negotiation list, according to the CFL report. But then you may ask, "Josh, nobody is hating on Tarvaris Jackson." Well, if you go to NFL.com and click on "Blogs," take a look on the latest post there.

After Brett Favre's performance, going one-of-four for four passing yards, Tarvaris Jackson stepped in to replace him, and as you could see, fans were booing inside the place in the team's preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. But even though Jackson took the criticism, it just made him better. He went twelve-of-15 for 202 passing yards and two touchdowns, with a big damn 158.3 quarterback rating. How the hell can people boo at that?

But look, people aren't booing at Sage Rosenfels, who was a freaking choker in all the games I usually saw him play in, especially against the Indianapolis Colts last year. Then you have John David Booty, who has yet to make a regular-season snap. Jackson had a 95.4 rating last year, the best out of all the Vikings quarterbacks that year. I just don't understand what's wrong with him. Yes, I know, Jackson isn't all that great, I think I know that.

I do have to point some negatives, I've seen Jackson as a choker, but it was during the start of regular season, and it was the season where he would actually be a 16-game starter. His first time. Yes, he did get sacked a lot last year, and he took time, but it wasn't entirely his fault. Nobody expected it, neither did I, and probably Jackson either. Can anyone give him some love? Many others have.

Here is what Leroy Watson, a very passioned sportswriter (you have to see his work), commented about Jackson in one of my old Vikings post about T-Jack:

I remember seeing Jackson for one game way back in his Alabama State days, and the guy was remarkable. I still think he has some serious potential. Who knows what will become of it, but it's there.

I admire your passion, Josh, and agree that Jackson would be a better fit long term than either Favre or Rosenfels. It just doesn't look like he's going to get the chance, barring injury.

One of the greatest writers said that. Yes, you may say that the opinions don't matter, but some do. Watson has great knowledge of sports, and if he can say that, you have to believe him on this one. I also have to agree with him with Jackson's days back with Alabama State. This guy truly was remarkable. In his career at Alabama State, he had thrown for over 7,300 yards, 64 touchdowns and 25 interceptions, and a 136.5 rating. On the ground: 924 rushing yards and eleven touchdowns.

So, you still hating or what? I would never hate on Jackson. This guy needs two to four more years to develop as a great quarterback. He has been getting better and better each year. He continues to impress me each game and he definitely works his ass off. And with Brett Favre in for Minny, Jackson will be learning a lot. Wait and see. When Favre is gone for good, which will happen in about two-to-three years maybe, watch what Jackson will be doing in training camp.

No more haters. Jackson has a good future ahead of him. Many teams are requesting to have Jackson as their backup. And also, look what I realized. When Jackson is not starting, he is actually much better. When he comes off the bench to fill in for somebody, like he did last year with Gus Frerotte. Jackson was remarkable. So when he comes off the bench for number four, he'll be amazing.

You have to believe me on this. This guy has the arm, he is going to get better. This kid can also run. And this is my case for Tarvaris Jackson.


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