crabtree young

Now that it seems that Michael Crabtree is the only first-round draft pick to not have a deal signed. Now, things are getting worse for him.

Crabtree says he is willing to skip this year’s NFL season and re-enter the NFL Draft in 2010 unless if he gets a good deal signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Crabtree had received a five-year $20M deal but he passed it.

I think that is just outrageous what decision he just made. Crabtree may never have a second-chance at that kind of money. The 49ers are willing to go without him and it seems they will not give him a deal higher than what they gave him already.

It seems Crabtree will just make zero dollars this year besides getting $20M more. Besides, with the quarterbacks the Niners already have, Crabtree will not play that big of a role coming into this year. That means being paid $20M is a real smart deal.

If I were Crabtree, I’d take the money. Crabtree, we know you deserve more money but you just have to deal with what you got already. You can’t just dilly-dally away. It’s not smart what you are doing.

I really do believe Crabtree is not going to sign with the Niners, period. I think San-Fran can make a better investment if they could trade him. How about a team like, say, the Tennessee Titans. It actually will work for both teams.

The 49ers can trade troubled Mike to the Titans for quarterback Vince Young. But how can a trade be possible the Niners haven’t even signed Crabtree. It can be one of those sign-and-trade deals. I think the Titans have the money to pay Crabtree and I think they’ll be willing to do this trade.

Vince Young would be a great fit for the Niners, I guess. Well, not a great fit, but better than where they stand with Shaun Hill. With Young not that happy in Tennessee because Kerry Collins stealing his place, don’t you think he would be much more happier to stay with the Niners and probably be their franchise-QB?

I suppose it could all work out. It would be the right thing to do. Trust me, the Niners can’t succeed with Alex Smith nor Shaun Hill. The best they have is just go for Young. As Rookie of the Year a couple of years ago, Young is the right choice for this team.

He has the speed, the arm, and athleticism. He is has some negatives on him in which he can improve on soon. Young can also have some solid targets to throw to like Isaac Bruce, who still has some left in the tank. Josh Morgan is a sleeper for fantasy football fans and showed signs of awe last year.

Vernon Davis will also be out there to help Young as well. And with the a solid running game alongside with the one-two punch of Frank Gore and Glen Coffee, I think San Francisco has a team.

The Titans will also be benefited from this cause as well. With Kerry Collins as the quarterback, he has some nice targets to heave to; guys like Bo Scaife, Alge Crumpler, draft-pick Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Justin Gage, and Crabtree himself. The Titans would have great targets and have a great running game in Chris Johnson and LenDale White.

The Titans look to bang on the door in the AFC South with Michael Crabtree. It assuredly looks like both teams will definitely account from this if this trade were to occur. I think the Niners should indubitably be convinced of attempting this. It can work.


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