There have been rumors floating around that the New York Jets would attempt to acquire Broncos Wide Reciever Brandon Marshall.

The Broncos shot the rumors down, but it seemed that they would be willing to trade Marshall if Jets Linebacker David Harris was in the deal. They would also want a draft pick.

The Jets it seems were unwilling to part ways with Harris, a very good defender who as recently as 2007 was their leading Tackler.

I thought to myself if the Broncos are willing to trade Marshall for defensive help then why wouldnt the Giants try and work something out.

We have more than enough Defensive, our WR's are our only weak point. If we can acquire Marshall then we would instantly become the NFC favorite. We would have it all a top defense, a great ground game and a strong passing game.

We could offer a couple of guys, Barry Cofield and Rocky Bernard are two backup D-Linemen that we could offer and even though it is great to have the depth that we have I think it is better to be strong on every front.

We could offer a linebacker, Bryan Kehl or Danny Clark comes to mind. I figure if the Broncos are willing to accept Harris then they would be willing to accept one of the Linemen and one of the Line Backers plus a draft pick.

We would still have great defensive depth but we would now have a great group of recievers. Brandon Marshall, Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks and Domenik Hixon would be a great set of targets for Eli.

In my mind this would make us clear cut favorites to go to the Superbowl


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